22 police officers were injured and a police car crashed after a Braxton street party

During a "significant chaos" following a street party in Brixton overnight, 20 officers were injured and police vehicles were destroyed.

The footage was shown on social media showing police walking away from people walking with temporary weapons on Cecilia Road near Engelstown Estate in Brixton on Wednesday night.

Police said the concerned residents called them to an illegal street party but were met by a "hostile" crowd.

Bottles were thrown at the officers and in one video a man appeared to have thrown a long stick at them, "Get up."

Two other men appeared to be hitting a large wooden table and ran over the police, who fled as soon as they landed.

Two people can be seen breaking the table leg and windscreen with their feet on top of a police vehicle.

Another man saw a wooden plank and shoved it in the back of the police van before closing it.

After going to the police, some of the people were seen in footage fighting each other.

Home Secretary Preeti Patel called the incident "Ville".

She tweeted: "These are absolutely horrible scenarios. Last weekend, the whole country came together to praise our heroic police officers and put their lives on the line to keep us safe."

"I'll meet with the Met Commissioner soon."

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said: “I was contacted by the overnight Met in Brixton about incidents that were not entirely acceptable.

"Violence against the police is not tolerated. Large meetings during COVID-19 are irresponsible and pose a threat to the lives of others."

Officials were called to the scene Wednesday evening after receiving numerous calls from residents of an unlicensed large street party, weather officials said.

Officials said they tried to encourage the crowd because a large number of people were not allowed due to a coronavirus lockdown, but "they did not engage with the police," a statement said.

More officers were called to the scene and the group continued to be hostile to them and despite the dispersal zone order.

None of the officers were seriously injured, but two were in need of hospital treatment.

All four were arrested for the assault and public order offense and placed in police custody.

The group finally left early Thursday morning, and police are now stopping in the area and issuing search orders to "prevent violence," the statement said.

Lambeth Borough Commander Colin Wingrove said: "Our role is to ensure that people follow the guidelines and guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to protect the NHS and to save people's lives."

"Our authorities work very hard to engage and interpret public health messages and regulations to prevent such celebrations."

He called the meetings "illegal" and said they were a threat to public health.

"The violence shown to the authorities is completely unacceptable and we will not tolerate it in any form," he said.

"An investigation is now underway into this incident and the people involved will be brought to justice."

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