A simple trick is to watch YouTube videos without ads

On Reddit (and highlighted by Android Police and 9to5Google), someone posted a simple way to watch YouTube videos in an ad-free web browser. In the URL for the video you want to watch, you need to add an additional period after the dot com in the YouTube link.

This works the way I explained when pasting a video URL with a secret URL into a secret browser window. In addition to eliminating pre-roll ads, it also eliminates mid-roll interruptions for video. Until you copy, paste and change the video URL, I don't know how much time you save for the "skip ad" button - but it doesn't really work.

Redditor Unicorn 4 Sale posted a tutorial on why YouTube is doing so little around its advertising machine:

This is usually a forgotten edge case, websites forget to generalize hostnames, content is still provided, but cookies and broken cores are missing since the browser does not match the hostname - and most large sites use a different domain to serve ads/media. Whitelist with no extra points

With more than 4,000 jumps on Reddit, YouTube already knows that people have shut down this error. Monitoring will probably be corrected sooner rather than later.

Beyond this, keep in mind that advertising revenue helps your favorite creators to some extent do what they do. The ad blocker and this trick remove those resources. The "right" way to avoid seeing ads is to subscribe to YouTube Premium, as you may already know because the YouTube app constantly annoys people who have the misleading frequency.

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