Amy Klobuchar is out of the VP race, seeking a woman of color instead

Former United States presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar said he was running for vice president and asked Democrat Joe Biden to choose a woman of color.

"With your help, we're going to defeat Donald Trump," Biden praised Cloucher in a tweet Thursday, quoting his "patience and determination."

Klobuchar's chances of getting a VP were reduced after George Floyd was killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis. Years ago there was a prosecutor in Cloucher County, which included Minneapolis, and during that time, more than two dozen people - mostly minorities - were killed during encounters with police.

Floyd died last month in days of nationwide protests, and Klobuchar, Minnesota's top prosecutor, has criticized civil authorities for not committing civilian deaths. Officer Derek Chauvin, charged with Floyd's murder, is accused of murdering a man in 2006 and shooting a man with a gun on him.

The Clovin case went to a grand jury, at which time Clocher was elected to the Senate and left the county attorney's office. Globuscher's successor as a prosecutor, Mike Freeman, said he had "made all the prosecution decisions" about Chauvin. But critics say the lack of prosecution is one reason why Clocher Biden chose not to.

The 60-year-old Klobuchar has passed more than 100 bills as a viable midwesterner seeking a 2020 presidential nomination in a large constituency of Democrats. She threw her support behind Biden before the March 3 "Super Tuesday" contest and is struggling to find support from black voters, which is crucial to Democratic success. Her primary best finish was in New Hampshire, where she finished third.

Joe Biden, Senator Amy Klobuchar, and Tom Steyer discuss Democratic 2020 US presidential nominees at the 10th Democratic 2020 Presidential Debate in Charleston, South Carolina [File: Jonathan Ernest / Reuters]
A third-term senator was forced to cancel one of his campaign's last rallies after Black Lives Matter and other activists took to the stage to hold a murder trial in Minnesota.

In the days following the death of South Carolina US congressman Floyd, close Biden aide and congressman's top lawmaker, James Clibb, said he believes Clutcher is less likely to be vice president, though he says he "definitely" deserves the job.

“It was a difficult time for him,” said Kleib.

Before Floyd's death, activists were pressing Biden to be a woman of color, which would help build a multinational coalition behind the Democratic ticket, and overwhelming the public - especially the younger voters - with 77-year-old former vice-president Bid. The founder of the colorful women's network, She of the People, called the news, in which Biden told Klobuchar that it was a "dangerous and reckless choice" to undergo official scrutiny.

Amis Ellison said Democrats, especially Democrats, needed to lose Klobuchar as vice president and win the White House.

White, a Minnesota senator who saw his chances with racial tension, said Thursday night that he was referring to the presidential candidate. Biden has already committed to choosing a woman as his partner.

"I think this is the moment to put a woman of color on the ticket," Croucher said on MSNBC's television network. "If you want to fix this country right now - my party, yes, but our country - it's definitely hell."

Others wanted Biden to choose a more progressive candidate who would support voters, mainly Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Like Biden, Clutchur disagreed with Sanders and Warren during campaigns on key issues such as healthcare, saying that it was unacceptable to call "Medicare for All" and push for changes to the Affordable Care Act.

Democrats who are aware of the process told The Associated Press last week that Biden's search committee has narrowed the options to six serious contenders after initial interviews. The group is still in contention: Senator Kamala Harris of California and Susan Rice of Warren, who served as President Barack Obama's national security adviser. Warren is white; Both Harris and Rice are black.

Biden said he would announce his WeeP decision by August 1.

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