Apple now allows you to set default apps in the app at will

From the very beginning, Apple did not allow its users to get out of the box created on the iPhone. Above all, Apple's hardware and software are on another level, but independence is important on the device we use to further customize it. 

They always force users to use apps created or recommended by Apple on the iPhone. Also, it is always a headache for users who prefer certain other apps for certain tasks. Therefore, using the iPhone to this day has made a lot of sacrifices for them.

However, the iPhone now allows you to use any app by default. In addition, it also applies to browsers. You can change Apple's Safari browser to a different browser by default. Everything will be on your iPhone in the upcoming Close Update. So far, every link and website has been opened by default in the Safari browser on the iPhone.

More details on the most awaited update of the iPhone

Customers and developers have always been questioning Apple's policy for years. After all, this is what is happening now when the 12th series of the Apple franchise comes to market. After the update goes live, you can open your email and link it to any app. 

This means you can use Google Chrome for links and Gmail or any email app for email. Ultimately, this change will benefit Apple and one of its best competitors, Google. This is because most consumers don't like the iPhone. The freedom to choose apps is always important for those who use their smartphone as their creative headquarters.

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