Biden announces the gifts that US forces have imposed on Trump

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has attacked President Donald Trump in a report that, if true, is a "really shocking revelation" about the commander in chief and the defense of American troops in Afghanistan. And their failure to retain Russia.

The New York Times reported Friday that US intelligence officials have confirmed months before that the Russian military intelligence unit has secretly rewarded Taliban-backed armed fighters for killing American soldiers in Afghanistan.

The report states that the Russians were rewarded with successful attacks last year, while the US and the Taliban were negotiating to end the protracted war.

The report was also confirmed by The Washington Post.

"If the Times report is true, and President Trump, the commander-in-chief of American soldiers, has been known for months, really shocking, according to the Times, nothing has been worse than that," Democratic nominee Biden said during the virtual town hall.

Biden, a former vice president for eight years, spoke of retaliation for the president.

"If I am elected president, don't make a mistake about it. Vladimir Putin will have to deal with it and we will have serious costs on Russia."

Neither Trump nor Vice President Mike Pence has been informed, the White House said.

In a statement, Press Secretary Kyle McNee said, "This is not according to alleged intelligence, but a misrepresentation of the New York Times to President Trump."

Russia called the report "nonsense."

The Russian Foreign Ministry said, "This raw factory clearly shows the low intellectual capabilities of the propagandists of American intelligence. They have found something more admirable."

The Times quoted a Taliban spokesman as saying that their fighters had similar treatment with the Russian Intelligence Agency.

The newspaper, citing unnamed officials familiar with the intelligence, presented these findings to Trump and discussed the National Security Council in late March.

Authorities have developed possible responses, which began with a diplomatic complaint to Russia, but the White House has not authorized any further action, the report said.

Biden slogans for failing to act on Trump.

The former Vice President said, "He failed to accept and impose any consequences on Russia for violating international law. But Donald Trump defended himself and embarrassed himself before Vladimir Putin."

Biden called it a "betrayal of the most sacred duty we can bear as a nation" - to protect and equip our troops when they are sent to harm.

He said Americans working in the military have put their lives on the line. "But they never, ever, have to deal with the threat, such as shutting their eyes primarily to alien force, as if their commander had an out complaint in their head."

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