BJP spokesperson FIR registered on Vinod Dua, saying:

The Delhi Police Crime Branch has lodged an FIR against BJP spokesperson Naveen Kumar over the complaint of prominent journalist Vinod Dua.

A BJP spokesperson alleged that Vinod Dua was marketing fake news on YouTube channel HW News.

The FIR was registered at the Laxmi Nagar Police Station in Delhi on June 4. The BJP spokesperson alleged that the rumors and misinformation were deliberately spread on sensitive matters such as the Delhi riots.

During this crisis due to corona, the spread of rumors and misinformation through social media has increased the feeling of hatred and disgust among different sections of the society, according to a copy of the FIR.

Vinod Dua has been charged under 290 (disturbing public opinion), 505 (making disturbing statements in society), and 505 (2) (selling goods published with derogatory remarks).

Naveen Kumar said in his complaint that the Union government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah were responsible for the CAA protests.

The filing of the FIR also stated that the trade case was being taken on behalf of Dua.

A video of Naveen Kumar also surfaced saying, "The way people are poisoned in the name of journalism is horrendous. Vinod Dua is a senior journalist. He doesn't know how frustrated he is." The country has started to oppose Narendra Modi. The way they spread toxins. Whether the riots in Delhi happened at the behest of Amit Shah or Narendra Modi. Did the Delhi Police riot? Who is Shaheen sitting on? There is no role in the Bagh riots known as peace-loving Shantidut. Today, when the charge-sheet was filed against Aam Aadmi Party councilor Tahir, his role was in total riot. Vinod Dua keeps saying he is a peacemaker.

In the video, Naveen Kumar said, "Vinod Dua is engaged in mocking India through journalism around the world. Currently, the FIR has been registered by the police, but I understand that there are still tough sections to be seized and immediate arrest." Should. "Must be and should be punished."

Vinod Dua told BBC correspondent Tarendra Kishore on the FIR registered against him, "I don't say much because the Delhi police have not contacted me yet but the FIR registrants, we will share a copy. I don't

He said the program was publicly available on the charges against him and anyone who wanted to see it could see what I said. I only do my work, I came and talked to Patel. An FIR was also lodged against him. There are many others besides him. I don't know many but as far as I'm concerned, my track record is in front of everyone. This program of mine is also publicly available. By watching this program, you can see how the accusations against me are justified. I will talk about this when I am officially contacted.

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