Boated Painting Renewal seeks new rules for the protection of energy artifacts

Art lovers are calling for the restoration of the New Testament after the 17th-century famous painting by the Spanish artist Bartolome Esteban Murillo to achieve an unwanted makeover.

A private collector in Valencia is reported to have paid 200 1,200 (£ 1,084) for the refurbishment of furniture to clean up a copy of Los Venrebels' pure concept. The Guardian says, "The job was not planned and the face of the Virgin Mary was not recognized, despite two attempts to restore it to its original state."

The Daily Mail noted that the first attempt at the restoration "had broken Mary's face" and "the attempt to fix it later."

The incident is the latest in a series of bond restoration efforts, including the infamous "Monkey Christ" incident eight years ago when a parishioner tried to refresh the painting of Christ on the church wall in the northeastern Spanish city of Borja.

The so-called "Potato Madonna" series has been called from Spain's Professional Association of Restorers and Conservators (Aker) to enforce government control over restoration.

"We see this kind of stuff repeatedly and it continues to be so," AK Fernando Carrera, a professor at the Galleon School for Cultural Heritage and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, told The Guardian.

"I don't think we should call this man, or these people, a raster. Be honest - they are boatmen, they are destroying things. They are destroying things."

Carrera said some politicians "don't toss about heritage" as part of the problem with regulating art restoration.

However, some commentators have suggested that the latest revival has become a disaster. Cut says Monkey Christ raised his city's tourist cash, which allowed Borja to look after his seniors well.

"His presence in Borja has certainly proven to be a blessing, so we should not judge the existence of the potato Madonna on her," the site said. "Mother like son, we hope."

Boated Painting seeks new rules to protect more artifacts on renewable fuel

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