Boris Johnson has criticized the ‘victim’ comments while setting up a racist investigation

Boris Johnson has announced a government commission to investigate racial inequality in response to a global wave of Black Lives Matter protests. But he prompted criticism by stating that he wanted to end the "victim concept" immediately.

The Prime Minister said he would focus on discrimination against black, Asian and minority ethnic groups in education, health, and the criminal justice system, which he described as a "cross-government commission".

"When thousands of people march peacefully to the Black Lives Matter, we have to admit that you can't ignore it. As a leader and a person in government, I can't ignore the emotional energy," he said.

Johnson did not give the Commission further details about what the employee will give or its dispatch or timetable. Instead of making the announcement public, No. 10 was initially limited to the opinion of the Daily Telegraph, its former owner, and some of the comments previously recorded.

Johnson said he "wants to change the story" in the race, "I think it's a success story," and people of BAME backgrounds are doing well in school and university huh.

Johnson said he wanted to "stifle the notion of victimhood and discrimination", echoing some controversial article when he edited Spectator magazine about the former term, Liverpool, and accused the city of creating a wall of victimhood.

Shadow Women and Equality Secretary Marsha de Cordova said the phrase was "satisfactory." Lord Woolley, the founder of Operation Black Vote and chairman of the Government's Racial Inequality Unit, said: "He is pleased that our Prime Minister has acknowledged the deep disparities and continuing racial inequality in education, health and crime education systems."

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