Britain has extended the latest stabbing of American terrorism among the dead

Britain has extended the latest stabbing of American terrorism among the dead

READING, England Three people, including an American, have been killed in the latest attack on terrorism for stabbing victims.

Three people were hospitalized Saturday evening after a man punching a man at the edge of a five-inch knife in the park.

Western security sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Reuters that the accused was 25-year-old Libyan Khairi Sadullah.

Although the 25-year-old has been arrested, police say they have not hunted down others, calling the incident terrorism. Home Secretary (Interior Minister) Preeti Patel said, "What we saw in the reading on Saturday evening was the action of a single person."

Among the dead were American citizen Joe Richey-Bennett, 39, who lived in Britain for 15 years, the Philadelphia Inquirer said. US Ambassador Woody Johnson condoled the families of the victims. "To our great grief, this includes an American citizen," he said on Twitter

According to media reports, Richie-Bennetts ’friend, 36-year-old teacher James Furlong, was also killed. "He was beautiful, intelligent, honest and funny," his parents said.

A third victim has yet to be identified.

On MI5's radar

Sadullah told Reuters that Sadullah had arrived on the radar of UK domestic security firm MI5 last year and that according to intelligence, he wanted to travel for militant purposes, but his plans were not met.

“There are thousands of records on security services and rightly so,” Patel said.

Residents of Reading, 40 miles (65 km) west of London, took a minute's silence at 0900 GMT.

The attack is reminiscent of some recent events in Britain, also known as terrorism by the authorities.

In February, police shot and killed a man who had previously been jailed for promoting violent Islamist content that stormed two people on a busy street in south London. Last November, another man jailed for terrorism killed two people on London Bridge.

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