China publishes Beijing coronavirus genetic data, officials point to the European race

Beijing,  China has recently released genome sequencing data for a coronavirus that caused an outbreak in Beijing, officials said Friday, identifying the European species based on preliminary studies.

China has also submitted data to the World Health Organization, which has urged the data to be made public quickly without mounting COVID-19 cases in the country's capital.

The US administration alleges that the initial outbreak in central China was not properly managed and that it was moving slowly to prevent the epidemic, leading to rising cases and deaths in the United States.

China dismissed the allegation, saying it was not a waste of time to release information about the epidemic, including the genetic sequence of the early coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan.

In Beijing's latest outbreak, WHO said on Sunday it was informed by the ongoing investigation into the origin of the cluster and the extent of the Chinese infection. It requested that the gene sequences be released as soon as possible.

The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said the genome sequencing was published late Thursday and is also being shared with the WHO and the Global Influenza Data Initiative (GISAID).

The viral genome is an important and fast-growing tool in the diagnosis of COVID-19 and in understanding the spread and control of new coronaviruses.

Details published on China's National Microbiology Data Center website are based on three models of Beijing genetic data collected on June 11 - two humans and one environment.

On the same day, China reported the first new local COVID-19 infection in the capital months. In eight days, Beijing reported a total of 183 cases, tied to a massive wholesale food center in Zinfdi, southwest of the city.

In an article published Friday by the CDC official, Ng Yong Yong Disciplinary Commission, "According to the results of preliminary genetic and epidemiological studies, the virus is from Europe, but differs from the virus currently spreading in Europe." On its website

"This is older than the virus currently spreading in Europe."

Not from Beijing

CDC's chief epidemiologist Wu Xunyu told state media this week that Beijing's tension is on par with Europe's, although it is not broadcasting directly from European countries. We did not comment on comments made before the release of the genetic data.

He said the species found in the United States and Russia are mostly from Europe.

The first group of new coronavirus infections was discovered in December at Wuhan's Huanan Seafood Market. Since then, about 8.5 million people worldwide have been infected.

Sources of tension that struck Beijing said Wu did not originate in the Chinese capital.

"It must be some people or goods that have been taken to the (Zinfadi) market outside the city," Wu said in a state television interview on Friday.

"It is not clear who or what kind of goods will be brought to Beijing."

Food wholesalers and retail stores in Beijing have begun testing products including meat and seafood.

Following the closure of Beijing's largest wholesale food market, Zinfady, some residents took stock, although officials promised enough supplies. (Ryan Wu, Roxanne Liu, Lusha Zhang, Se Young Lee, and Guizhuan Qi; Editing by Himani Sarkar, Jane Wardell, and Michael Perry)

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