Joe Biden won enough delegates to secure a Democratic nomination

(CNN) Former Vice President Joe Biden has earned enough delegates to officially secure the Democratic nomination for president, CNN said Saturday.

Biden has been the Democratic nominee since April when Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders dropped out of the primary. His election victory in Guam on Saturday allowed him to surpass the 1,991 delegates needed to claim the nomination in the first ballot at the August session of the party. Biden currently has 1,992 delegates, according to CNN.

"Three months ago, I stood on the podium in South Carolina and told the American people, our campaign is a campaign for all those who have been knocked out, counted, and backed. Those words resonate very much today. At the moment, most Americans suffer and they have a very, very annoying time," Biden said in a statement. "A lot of people are surrounded by public health and economic hardship, which we think is huh. That's why a lot of people are behind society. They've been seeing them less and more for a long time, their lives are worthless."

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"It is an honor to compete with one of the most talented groups of Democratic Party candidates - and I am proud that we are going to a united party in this general election. Spend every day I am going. Between now and November 3 to get the votes of Americans in this great country, so for the soul of this country We can win the fight together and as soon as we rebuild their economy, everyone will come along. "

After most of the primaries are postponed in April and May, the coronavirus pandemic will be postponed and the person will have some moment to run for election.

Seven states - Indiana, Maryland, Montana, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and South Dakota - as well as Washington, DC, held presidential elections last Tuesday, from which Biden took a large number of delegates. He could earn more this coming Tuesday, hosting the Georgia and West Virginia primary.

A CNN poll on the election to match the general election between President Donald Trump and Biden found 51% of registered voters nationwide, while 41% supported Trump. The CNN poll of polls found Biden an average of 48% support, indicating a shift in favor of Biden since April, with Trump gaining 43%.

Look at voting from Trump and Biden's head
Biden's nomination was canceled after more than a week of unrest in the United States with protests against racism and police brutality in the country following the death of a black man in police custody in Minnesota. Biden, on his first trip outside of Delaware in months, made a speech Tuesday in Philadelphia, in which Trump condemned and addressed nationwide protests.

"I can not breathe. I can not take it." The last words of George Floyd. But they did not die with him. They are still heard. They resonate throughout this country, ”Biden said.

"They often talk to the country where your skin color is at risk. They talk to a nation that has infected more than 100,000 people and 40 million Americans have filed for unemployment - with one, Biden said. The number of deaths and job losses in black and minority communities is proportional to this. "And they talk to the country where millions die every day - not at the moment when I lose my life - but when I live my life - I say, 'I can't take it.' "

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