Coronavirus is being exploited to warn former world leaders

The spread and subsequent epidemics of Covid-19 have led to alarming increases in authoritarian behavior by governments around the world, who are using the crisis to silence critics, an open letter signed by more than 500 former world leaders and Nobel laureates.

In a letter organized and published Thursday by the Stockholm-based Institute for Democracy, in the wake of the crisis, authoritarian and democratically elected governments around the world have used the emergency powers to arrest protesters and meet democratic standards.

The letter warns: "Totalitarian regimes are using the crisis to silence critics and strengthen their political grip. But some democratically elected governments are also demanding emergency rights." Fight infections that limit and increase their rights without state oversight. Legal barriers to the restoration of the constitutional system, parliamentary oversight, or deadline.

"Parliaments are sidelined, journalists arrested and tortured, minorities are raped, and the most vulnerable sections of the population face new threats because economic lockdowns break many of society's stigma."

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, dozens of countries have launched emergency announcements and taken more than 100 actions, according to the International Center for Nonprofit Law's Kovid-19 Index Freedom Tracker, which has sparked protests against the affecting state assembly. His cited examples range from banning the use of public information for "provocative" posts on social media to arresting civilians.

The letter aimed at China, stating that "it is not a coincidence that the government has warned the public about the dangers of the virus and the virus in a country where the current epidemic of free information flow is stable." Punishment - Warned of rumors spreading harm to state reputation. "

However, countries with a strong democratic tradition can use the epidemic to make extraordinary measures common in the long run and cause permanent damage to world democracy.

"Totalitarians around the world see the Kovid-19 crisis as a new political battleground in the fight to disrupt democracy and reverse dramatic gains over the past few decades."

“We all need to stand up for democracy. Said Zamora.

The letter stated that "repression does not help in controlling the epidemic," "giving free speech, spreading peaceful dissent, suppressing legislative oversight and abolishing elections will protect the public health indefinitely." Don't do anything for it. "

"Democracy is at stake. People who care about it must call for will, discipline and solidarity to protect it. People's liberty, health and dignity are at stake everywhere."

Among those signing the letter were former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and former UK Secretary of State Malcolm Refund, as well as The George W. Bush. There are organizations associated with former world leaders, including the Bush Institute and The Carter Center.

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