Death of Jace Waters: This is a tribute to the 39-year-old stars after the death of the author

  This unknown author died at age 39 with unknown causes.

This unknown author died at age 39 with unknown causes.

Waters' death was announced via this writer's Twitter account on Wednesday (June 10) with his statement: "This is what the whole family has learned about the passing of Jace Waters.

"Together with us, Jaws has left his mark on us and on the show. He is a brilliant storyteller and a natural force. We send our deepest sympathies to his loved ones. She is one of us. Rip as Jasfly."

In Illinois, Waters grew up in a retirement home with his grandparents and worked as a journalist and entertainment blogger before writing for TV.

Prior to joining This Is Us as a Staff Writer in 2017, Waters worked as a writer on the Comedy Central series Hooded with James Davis and The Breaks with VH1.

In recent years, he has worked as a writer and story editor on Jim Carrey's Showtime series Kidding, and with Taraji P. Henson wrote the story for 2019, What Men Want.

His death on Twitter is recalled by This Is Star star Mandy Moore: "Jasfly is sending love and light to the family and loved ones."
Meanwhile, her co-star Susan Kelachi Watson said: "The news came as a shock and sad. Blessed light, fly with the angels."

This Is Us star Chrissy Metz wrote: "We're a wonderful writer with the show as Jasfly, but getting to know her and her beautiful soul. I am praying for your beautiful transformation, Jas. Love, light and peace. And thank you for the inspiration. "

Insecure Issa Roy tweeted: "I'm so excited to get an interview w / as Jasfly for Neckle Bitchy when I'm working on Weird Black Girl. I can feel her warmth over the phone.

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