Disgusted with the report, Russia rewarded Afghan terrorists for killing American soldiers.

US officials are outraged that Russia's intelligence unit has rewarded the Taliban-linked militants for targeting US troops for killing foreign troops in Afghanistan.

The story first appeared in the New York Times, when anonymous officials reported the case and later the Washington Post. Reports said the US had been diagnosed with the operation several months ago.

The Times wrote: "Intelligence was reported to Trump, and the White House's National Security Council discussed the issue at a meeting in late March." White House officials have attracted many options to avenge the Kremlin, from diplomatic reprisals to the latest sanctions. However, the White House has not taken any action so far.

It is unclear whether the reward for the successful killing of American soldiers was paid. The White House denies that Trump or Vice President Mike Pence had described such a case.

When the news was reported, there was a severe backlash from top Democrats, especially those who have long claimed that Trump has close ties with Russia's totalitarian leader Vladimir Putin.

In 2016, Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia, a running mate with Hillary Clinton, said: "Trump invited Putin to the G7, but his administration knew that Russia was in Afghanistan.

Michael McFall, a former Russian ambassador and political science professor at Stanford University, said: “The more angry the American people are with Trump's courtesy, the angrier they are. After learning of these agreements that Putin ordered to kill US troops, Trump invited Putin to the G7. "

Republican political consultant John Weaver, who helped found the anti-Trump Lincoln Project group, also expressed dissatisfaction.

The news comes after the US entered into an initial peace agreement with the Taliban, aiming to completely withdraw the US military from the war-torn country within just a year. The agreement was intended to start negotiations between the rebels and the Afghan government, but they did not materialize.

US officials blamed Sergei Skripal, a former Russian goon in Britain, for causing a major diplomatic dispute between Moscow and London.

Trump's ties with Russia have led to many scandals and frustrations with US allies, especially in Europe.

Russia's efforts to interfere in the 2016 US election were part of the Robert Mueller investigation, which spent much of Trump's time in office. He repeatedly flirted before his own intelligence briefing, claiming that he had denied Russian attention to American affairs and that his close friendship with Putin was postponing the US's advantage. While he allowed Russia to return to the G7 group of major industrial powers, the role of NATO was also questioned.

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