Djokovic Emotional after hosting the event

Novak Djokovic burst into tears when he attended a charity event at his tennis complex in Serbia on Sunday.

The world number 1 was defeated in Sunday's Adria Tour final, with Dominic Thiem defeating Serbia's Philip Krajinovic 4-3 2-4 4-2.

The event brought a flood of memories to 17-time Grand Slam champion Djokovic, who was on the show and was suspended by international tennis due to the Kovid-19 pandemic.

Djokovic defeated Alexander Zverev of Germany in his last round-robin match on Sunday but was unable to secure a place in the final.

As he stood in front of the 4,000-capacity crowd, he said: "I was crying because I was knocked out of the tournament. I was so excited because I remember my childhood.

“It has been exciting for a few days and I want to thank all those who made this possible.

"I love you all and thank you so much."

Djokovic and Krajinovic finished their round-robin group with a 2–1 win-loss record and 5–3.

Krajinovic, who defeated Djokovic on Saturday, had the best game differential, losing to Theme in the final.

The theme ended with a 100 percent record and said: “This tournament is for good reason and we have given our best.

“In a great atmosphere there will be a lot of high-quality matches in front of an entire audience, so this is the perfect weekend.

"Thank you so much to everyone, including Novak and his team. All of you made my first trip to Serbia very special."

The eight-man tournament was of a more orderly format, setting the best seven games on the main tour.

The second leg of the tour will take place next week at the coastal resort of Jadar, Croatia.

The third leg, scheduled to take place in Montenegro on June 27 and 28, was closed on Saturday due to coronavirus concerns, and the final stage is scheduled for July 3 and 4 in Bosnia's Banja Luka.

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