FIR against Sir Gangaram Hospital: What is the cause of the hospital and the government

The police have lodged an FIR against Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, following a complaint by the Delhi government.

The Delhi government has accused the hospital of violating corona regulations. The case was reported at Sir Gangaram Hospital for not using the RT-PCR app for corona test data.

NDTV Dr Sir Gangaram Hospital Chairman Dr. Quoting a conversation with Rana, he wrote, "It was a mistake on our part. We had a shortage of staff when launching the test during the lockdown. This was not noticed. The Delhi Delhi RT-PCR app" We have already issued a show notice for not using it and we have already responded to it. We hope this issue comes up soon. "

During a TV talk, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Senior Physician Dr. M Vali lamented the matter.

"If Sir Ganga Ram was present today, he would have been very sad. Why was he brought to India from Lahore? Sir Ganga Ram Hospital is known for its excellent services. It is also known for its services internationally." The hospital has a world-class team of doctors. Sir Gangaram Hospital has been serving since 1921. "

Dr. Wali, Dr. Ganga Ram Hospital chairman, praised Dr. DS Rana and said that he had handled the matter with great patience.

Dr M Vali said, “I would like to make it clear that Sir Ganga Ram Hospital is not like any private hospital. This is a trust hospital. He said cases of coronavirus infection continue to rise and will only increase in the next two months. The Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi must be ready for this. "

Asked about the growing number of patients and their preference for private hospitals, Kejriwal government minister and MLA Raghav Chadha said, "People are going to all kinds of hospitals."

He said, “This is not about Aam Aadmi Party vs. Private Hospital. In fact, it is blocked marketing vs. Aam Aadmi Party. It is for all those who engage in such activities. If the government knows what is happening at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital then why not take action? "

Raghav Chadha says that many such cases have been reported in the media, including that in some hospitals, Kovid is making a bed available by recovering eight lakhs or more from 19 patients. The epidemic of this era, if anyone is trying to take advantage of this, should not give up. And this is the message of this FIR. "

In fact, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital has been completely reserved for corona patients. The complaint alleges that the hospital did not comply with the provisions set out under the Pandemic Act, Kovid-19 Act.

The Government of India is using the RT-PCR app, which is the portal of the Indian Council of Medical Research showing the number of coronally infected patients.

The FIR was registered by a senior Delhi health department official, according to PTI.

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