George Floyd: A video of police brutality during the protests shook America

Several videos of police brutality have emerged during protests over the death of African American George Floyd.

In Buffalo, New York State, two officials were suspended after they were seen pushing an older white man to the ground. 

Also, in New York City, police were caught on video generally dealing with demonstrators as they fled. 

The reports come hours after a dedication for Floyd in Minneapolis, the city where he kicked the bucket on account of police. 

His slaughtering, likewise caught on record, has caused shock and started a rush of fights against racial segregation and police treatment of African Americans in urban communities over the US and the world. 

By far most of exhibitions in the course of recent days have been tranquil however some have slipped into brutality and revolting, with curfews forced in various urban communities. 

At one dissent, security powers in Washington DC terminated pepper balls and smoke bombs to scatter demonstrators outside the White House, permitting President Donald Trump to stroll to a close by chapel for a photograph opportunity. 

In light of this on Thursday, social equality bunch the America Civil Liberties Union documented a claim, denouncing the president, the lawyer general and others of disregarding the established privileges of nonconformists. 

"At the point when the country's top law implementation official becomes complicit in the strategies of a despot, it chills secured discourse for us all," said ACLU official Scott Michelman, cited by Reuters.

In a separate development, police in Arizona released details of the May 25 murder of another African American, Dion Johnson, in Phoenix.

According to police, Johnson was shot dead by state troopers, who partially obstructed traffic after the car "went over the driver's seat."

"During the soldier's contact with the accused, a fight broke out and the soldier fired his service weapon," police said.

The statement was released only after the police dispatched and transport department video of Johnson's family of the incident.

What do the videos show?

The Buffalo video depicts a 75-year-old man running a curfew with police officers. Then they move forward, pushing him back, knocking him out and injuring his head.

As he lay on the ground, blood appeared from his ear.

The man was taken to an ambulance, where he was later found to be in serious condition.

An initial statement from the Buffalo Police Department said that a man had "slid" during a "clash involving protesters", expressing displeasure over the incident on social media.

Police spokesman Jeff Rinaldo later attributed the incident to officers not directly involved in the incident, saying that two policemen who pushed the demonstrator when the video emerged were suspended without pay.

Later that evening, 27 minutes after the city curfew opened, a delivery driver was arrested in New York City.

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