He threw masks to the Paris party as if the virus had never existed

Social distances and face masks have been largely forgotten as thousands of French people danced in the first big blast on Monday following the coronavirus lockdown.

The annual Midsummer Festival usually brings millions of people on streets across the country for a short walk to cafes and street corners.

Thousands of people insisted Sunday night that they would dance and sing along with bands and DJs in the advanced Canal St. Martin and Marais districts in Paris, despite urgent measures banning more than 10 meetings.

Heavy rains cannot soak the spirits, and they serve spicy marinade sausages from street-built stalls.

"The Music Festival of Music is important, it's a national event," 28-year-old Reveler Violet told AFP, greeting a group in North Paris.

He nodded at the idea that people would certainly respect social differences.

"Sure," he said.

Earlier this year, prosecutors banned a judge who was too ill to face a five-year prison sentence for money laundering and tax evasion - including disgraced politician Patrick Balki - who was also arrested in the Paris suburb. I seemed to be dancing in the street without it. He is still mayor.

The 71-year-old right-winger, who is close to former President Nicolas Sarkozy, has caused a stir on social media by posting a video of himself feasting on pink sweaters and white shoes on Instagram.

- Officer 'too loose' -

But many people are terrified of seeing congestion on the streets and awaiting a second type of infection on social media.

One Twitter user made a comment, "What a great idea! The Music Festival of Music is coming out of a major health emergency as soon as we can."

Billed as the world's first live virtual "avatar" concert, French electronic music legend Jean-Michel Sarre maintains no ordinary set-piece extravaganza, but many feel the authorities are too loose.

A senior doctor at the PT-Salpatri hospital in Paris, where many COVID-19 victims are still in treatment, criticized the decision to move the festival forward.

"This is not the gradual end of a lockdown," says Dr. Gilbert Derr.

"I understand the music festival is liberation, but do we really have it this year?"

- Re-start the film -

The theaters reopened in France on Monday for the first time since the lockdown opened in March.

Koumartin in Paris opened the red carpet champagne at midnight and a minute later, the upcoming French comedy "Les Perfumes" (The Perfume), about a major Donna Perfume "Nose", comes with a new Is this fragrance.

Film manager Louis Merle has been queuing up for their first big-screen experience since March 17 when he said, "I feel like there are no words to describe what I'm feeling. I've been looking forward to it for 99 days."

"Watching the series on Netflix is ​​one thing, but the movie is a different thing," said film star Emmanuel DeVos.

Although the theaters have reopened, they are back to normal.

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