How did Melania Trump stop Ivanka Trump from invading her domain

Melania Trump didn't even like to be called by her new title first.

"Stop calling me First Lady," recalled one of Melania's supporters after the election.

New York City's mother is known for sending out texts filled with emojis, which are now invited to lectures nationwide. For a few years, she and her husband had a bodyguard, but now secret service agents give them 24-hour protection. There was always a guard outside their door and the hostility directed by her husband caused them anxiety.

"Basically, I think he's a private person who has spent a lot of time adjusting to public life," said one person who has worked with Trump on campaigns and is close to family.

The other First Lady finds that sudden adjustment is difficult, and Melania, who plans carefully, likes to take time off to do things with her. No matter how hard the pressure was on during the campaign, he quickly refused. The victory on election night came as a surprise to Trump, who, according to his campaign, made very little preparation.

Trump talked about going to one of his golf courses in Scotland shortly after the election, so he didn't have to look at Hillary Clinton to be successful. Campaign aide candidate Trump has "told his private jet pilot" to recall "fuel the plane."

He did not get many votes for Hillary but won the major states and the Electoral College. Trump and his team are struggling to write acceptance speech and start the White House transformation.

Melania Washington is not ready to go. The Trump campaign's statements on serial infidelity allegations are still pending. He was aware of many of the details he reported to the whole country. She wanted Baron to finish her school year in New York and not be a friend to her friends.

He needs his staff. Trump has already pushed back on his desire to focus on bullying online, and is very interested in what she can do.

And, according to many who are close to Trump, she is in talks with Trump to reform her economy - Melania calls it "the care of the barons."

Presuppositional and postnuptial agreements are standardized as wedding rings in Trump's nuptials. His first wife, Ivana, remade him three times; Marla, who split from Trump after four years of marriage, left with such a low amount, that even Trump's lawyer said she hoped to get more. Trump wrote about Pranap and boasted about him, saying that the one who has no wealth is a "loser." During the presidential election, Melania realized that much had changed since she signed her credentials. She's been with him for a long time - more so than other women. He believes he has made a significant contribution to his success.

There has been talking that Trump is unlikely to oversee the Trump organization after running the country, and Melania Barron wants to see her share her legacy, especially if Ivanka takes over the reins of the family business.

As she streamlined her plans for a new school for the First Lady and her son, she worked to sign a more generous financial solution for her husband and him. It’s smart timing.

Trump wrote in The Art of the Deal, "The best thing you can do is deal with strength, and leverage the greatest strength you have." "Leverage is doing what the other person wants. Or better yet, needs. Or best of all, can't do without.

While living in New York, Melania gained a new advantage. The First Woman's Office made her angry. He wanted her with him. Some of Trump's friends are upset with Melania because her decision to stay at Trump Tower has banned rumors that she is not coming. They wanted her in the White House too because Trump was cool when she was around. They believed that if she were with him, she would not tweet often and deal with the same fidelity.

The opening week of his administration marked a controversial travel ban due to staff skirmishes, embarrassing leaks, and large protests at airports. On February 16, Trump held a 75-minute press conference, condemning any confusion and saying, "This administration is running like a fine machine."

Trump's friend Thomas Barack, who presided over his inauguration, said, "That woman! That is the end of it." "She is stubborn. She must live with her husband. She is the President of the United States."

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