Hundreds of riots in Stuttgart, Germany: police

In the early hours of Sunday, hundreds of rioters in Stuttgart city center, Germany, threw stones and bottles at police shops and smashed shop windows.

Southwest City officials said in a statement, "The police are currently receiving evidence and are investigating more than 20 people who have been arrested temporarily."

This included more than a dozen police officers.

Baden-Wą°Ÿrttemberg State Chief Winifred Krostachmann said in a statement, "I condemn this brutal violence. We must investigate and condemn these acts and criminal acts against the people." Should have done it. "

Thomas Strobe, the interior minister of the area, said the riots were unprecedented.

Sasha Bynder, a prominent local MP for the Social Democratic Party, has previously described the violence as a "civil war-like scenario."

Tension arose shortly after midnight on a police investigation into people taking drugs near Schlossplatz, the city's largest square.

The clashes erupted when the group used sticks or sticks to crack the windows of police vehicles parked in the area.

Police estimated that about 500 people were involved in the riots, leaving neighboring Koenigrest and shops.

The police made calls on reinforcements and only after several hours could the violence be stopped.

The video posted on Twitter showed people smashing shop windows and spraying things on the streets.

According to regional broadcaster SDR, a jewelery store has been completely evacuated and a mobile phone shop destroyed.

Last week, there were minor clashes between police and youth groups.

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