I told Xavi to go to Barcelona, ​​the football god Messi is still there - Stoya

While Lionel Messi was still playing, Samuel Eto'o ordered Xavi to return to Barcelona, ​​with former Cameron Ace winning the "Lord of Football" six-time Ballon.

Javi has already held a great position at Camp Nou, leaving for the club on more than 500 occasions, spending 17 years as a professional, and joining the team in 1991.

Now 40, former Spain international managing star Al-Saad, where he spent the last four years of his career, but is a step back in Catalunya, especially if there is a gap in the dugout.

Although Javi has previously said he is not ready for Barca's major appointments, Eto'o, who helped the club to a 2009 Champions League title under Pep Guardiola, did not encourage his former teammates to wait long.

"I told Javi that if anything happened, he would have to go back to Barca - and I tell him he had to do it while the football god was still there," Cataluna told Radio.

"He played with her, and it makes him easier than others."

Meanwhile, Eto'o told Barca that Luis Suarez could not be easily replaced by Loreto Martinez in the interim this summer.

"I love Suarez. He has created an incredible story with Barcelona," when asked if he or the Uruguay club's biggest number. "" We are both fortunate to have played for such a club.

"Louis has always been Louis, he is one of the best players in the world in his place. It is obvious that Barca needs to strengthen himself, but there is no need to remove the stripes of the common man.

"Lucero is doing very well, but people have a tendency to forget recent history. Luis Barca and the history of football have been written. We have to accept it.

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