In the aftermath of the mass protests, Trump has been reprimanded and politically reprimanded

A week after the federal law was passed, peaceful protesters were forced out so that President Donald Trump could hold a photo op at a church near the White House, placing greater distance between the president and Americans for racial justice. Performed. A temporary monument to black people killed by police officers.

Banners, protest messages, and street art covers the fence, obstructing the view beyond the main White House.

Inside the heavily fortified White House, now surrounded by more than a mile of extra fencing, is an increasingly secluded president.

His overwhelming response to the outrage of George Floyd's death and his threat to send an active-duty military to unrest on American roads has received backlash from top military figures and Republican establishment members.

On Monday, he embarked on a round table discussion with law enforcement officials at the White House, tightening his image as president of "Law and Order", making a gesture to show he was crying. Protesters.

Polls showed Americans and refusing to maintain mass protests and racial ties more broadly, the president announced Sunday that he was withdrawing national capital from the nation's capital, saying that they no longer "needed" everything to be right. Control "and" protesters showed up last night rather than last! “Day D. C. Thousands of protesters gathered in the streets.

At the same time, another survey found that 52% supported the deployment of the military to combat violent protests.

Mitt Romney, the first Republican to take part in the protests, has mocked Trump, a former critic of the president who has been harassed since he voted for Trump's impeachment earlier this year.

Romney married hundreds of Evangelical Christians in the White House on Sunday, telling The Washington Post that "I want to end violence and brutality and make the subject of black lives understandable to the public."

A day later, Trump sarcastically tweeted, "Excellent honesty, a man. It's hard to believe with such political talent. His number would be 'tank' in Utah!"

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Romney's approval rating in Utens has actually increased recently, and he's more popular than Trump.

Colin Powell, who served under the first African-American Secretary of State and three Republican presidents, became the latest major establishment and former military leader to blow up the president on Sunday.

"We have a constitution, and we have to follow that constitution. And the president has gotten away with it," said Powell, who previously served as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

President Trump predicted Powell to be branded "real tough" and "highly overrated."

The president's most comprehensive comment on George Floyd's death came after the SpaceX Falcon 9 shuttle launch last Saturday. Generally gossiping presidents have avoided answering media questions and resisted calls to give them a national address.

He made no attempt to sympathize with the protesters and instead tried to emphasize incidents of violence and vandalism with an angry tweet destroying "shootings, robberies, criminals, and anarchists."

The President of Housing and Urban Development and the highest-ranking African American in his administration, Dr. Ben Carson, said Sunday that there is still time to strike the president in a more powerful voice.

"I hope you will hear some details from the president on this issue this week," she said.

"I'll ask you to reserve that decision for the time being," Carson said in an interview with CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday when asked about Floyd's character attacking the past-president's retweet.

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