India will deploy special mountain forces to check China's LIC transport

India has deployed its own high-altitude combat forces along the 3,488-kilometer-long Line of Actual Control (LIC) to curb any infections in the West, Central or Eastern regions by the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA).

Government sources have confirmed that the Indian Army has been guided by the PLA to protect the LIC from cross-border aggression, by showing hostile intentions by auctioning troops to frustrate the Narendra Modi government.

Special forces trained over the past decades have been pushed to the limit to fight the Northern Front to pay military expenses when the red flag is hoisted. Unlike infantry vehicles and roadside PLAs, Indian mountain soldiers are trained in guerrilla warfare and are shown to fight at high altitudes in the Kargil war.

"The art of mountain fighting is very difficult because human casualties are more than 10. Uttarakhand, Ladakh, Gorkha, Arunachal, and Sikkim soldiers have received rare rocks for centuries, so the former Indian Army chief said their fighting ability was a quarter-fight without a match. Artillery and missiles. They have point accuracy or they are targeting mountains for miles away.

Another thing that works for the army is the Tibetan Plateau flattened by China, the K2 Peak at the Karakoram on the Indian side, Nanda Devi in ​​Uttarakhand, Kanchenjunga in Sikkim, and Namche Barwa on the border of Arunachal Pradesh. "In the mountains, this area is not only difficult to capture, but it is also very difficult to capture," says an expert from South Block China.

While India praised the voices of support from the Trump administration, including the president, the mood in Delhi is like "Atmanbir (self-sufficiency) India", asking anyone for military or diplomatic support. "I will cover my battalions with armored personnel carriers and artillery. India is not the cause of any skirmish. It will respond to any crime. said.

The Modi government is deeply saddened that Chinese President Xi Jinping, who insisted on the implementation of the 1960 East Ladakh map based on exaggerated territorial claims on India, has not re-applied to his favorite PLA Western Theater commander, General Zhao Zhongqi. Without breaking all the promises of "peace and tranquility.". China's Prime Minister Chou En-Lai has launched a map outlining China until the Kongka Law was unveiled.

Coincidentally, during the 1962 conflict, the chief, Chou En Lai, had close ties to the family of President Xi Jinping and was the daughter of former chief secretary and wife of Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Subramaniam, the father of Foreign Minister S Jaishankar, took part in India's war effort as an officer in the defense ministry.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken the initiative to understand Wuhan and Chennai only to isolate these historical elements so that both leaders can promote the next doklam of bilateral relations. Since China failed to warn the world about coronaviruses, it became clear that President Xi had no plans to divert the world's attention and used the tensions in eastern Ladakh. Similarly, another Paramount leader used the 1962 conflict to divert attention from the drought, resulting in the failure of the Great Leap Forward Movement, which killed millions of Chinese.

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