John Bolton's book: The Trump administration has lost the legal battle to prevent publication

A federal judge has condemned the Trump administration's attempt to block the publication of all books revealed by former national security adviser John Bolton.

The Justice Department has called for urgent orders to block Mr. Bolton's impending recollection, including a shocking revelation about the inner workings of Donald Trump's White House.

In his verdict, Judge Royce c. Mr. Lamberth said Mr. Bolton "gambled with the national security of the United States," but said he would not prevent publication.

"Although Bolton's unilateral conduct raises national security issues, the government has not established that the ban is an appropriate step," he said.

However, Mr. Bolton's troubles are not over yet. He ruled that he had to foreclose $ 2 million for the book and that there was a risk of further litigation.

Shortly after Mr. Trump announced the verdict, Twitter began attacking Mr. Bolton, saying that "everything was washed away until I brought him back and gave him a chance." "

"The Boll Court Against Win Bolton. Clearly, the book has already been leaked to many people and the media. The most respected judges have nothing to do with stopping it ... Butte, strong and powerful statements and money and rule breaching classification," he wrote.

"Bolton broke the law and was reprimanded for doing so. This is a big price to pay. He loves to bomb and kill people. Now bombs fall on him!" She added.

Many of the controversial issues in the book have already been made public through advance copies of the media.

These claims include the fact that Mr. Trump, along with Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2020, helped to make President Trump by purchasing "US election products" and told his Chinese counterpart to "build" concentration camps for Uyghur Muslims to do the right thing in Xinjiang.

The Justice Department has filed its lawsuit in federal court in Washington, DC, alleging that Mr. Bolton and publisher Simon & Schuster did not complete the general procedure used to ensure that a former colleague did not disclose classified information or book. The national secret.

"(Bolton) signed an agreement with the United States because of his employment status in one of the most sensitive and important national security positions in the United States and is now arbitrarily determined by the decision-making process. The Trump administration has written to the court whether to decide on its own and to disclose classified information.

But Judge Lamborth refused to stop the book's release, suggesting that Mr. Bolton had a special application to withdraw the $ 2 million advance he had received for the book. To ensure that no classified information is completed, to ensure that he can face prosecution for publishing the book before the review process is officially adopted.

Lamberth stated in his judgment, "For reasons that cannot be stated, the court will not order the seizure of the country and the destruction of political memory."

"By taking himself to publish his book without final approval from national intelligence officials, Bolton may actually do irreparable harm to the country. But in the Internet age, even a few copies of the circulation can destroy the illusion."

"Defendant Bolton understands that disclosing classified information in violation of his non-statutory remedy obligations jeopardized national security," and by publishing his book before awaiting final approval, he claimed that he had gambled and lost.

"This is Bolton's bet: if he is correct and the book does not have classified information, he is recognized above; "Bolton felt bad."

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