Justin and Hayley Beeber talk about the birth of children

Justin and Hayley Beeber talk "more and more" about starting a family.

The 'yummy' hitmaker and the 23-year-old model have been married since September 2018, and the subject has been added to the "conversation" which is very true to happiness.

A source told Us Weekly Magazine: "Justin and Hayley are talking about wanting to start a family together. Having children in the near future has become a real conversation between them."

Justin, 26, and Healy have previously talked about starting a family together, with the singer "Babies" the future of his birthday tribute to Healy in November.

At the time, he wrote: "Happy birthday. You want me to change every day for the better. You have to live your life. It's very appealing. PS. You turn me on all sides. Children next season. (Sic)"

And a few months ago, he talked about his desire to go to "Daddy's Daughter Date," but insisted he didn't do "anything."

Posting a photo of himself and Healy dated July 2019, he said: "Love you date with the baby. One day Il daddy is dating daddy's daughter. Not to mention anything soon. I'm not in a hurry.

After the couple got married in 2018, Healy indicated that she was ready to have children too, with the model saying that a family now had a "close reality" with the married family.

Speaking in December 2018, "I love kids and I can't wait to be my own. I would say this is a near reality now."

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