Latvia has unveiled a large statue honoring Covid-19 health workers around the world

A large statue has been unveiled in the capital of Latvia, which honors health workers for fighting the coronavirus infection.

A 20-foot monument of a man wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and a stethoscope in his neck was seen in Riga earlier this week.

The statue stretches out its arms and looks towards the sky.

According to the Academy of Arts of Latvia, the image of a female medical activist in a white coat, face mask, and gloves was unveiled on Tuesday outside the capital's Latvian National Art Museum.

Sculptor Igor Bixe, one of his professors, created a masterpiece.

The European League of the Arts states that the statue was "dedicated to praising his selfless morale and care during the spread of Latvia and Kovid-19 worldwide."

"The three-month lockdown period and his fear of life have led people to change their attitude toward doctors, nurses and other medical personnel," Mr Byssay said, according to the Latvia broadcaster.

“For the first time in his life the critical importance of medical staff was realized,” he said, referring to

People around the world have found ways to persuade health workers during the epidemic, with some countries hailing key operatives from their doors or balconies during the lockout.

Weekly applause for caregivers in Britain to honor those working on the border of the Covid-19 outbreak.

People from other countries, including France, Spain, and Italy, have cheered and cheered from their homes to show appreciation to prominent activists.

Similar scenes took place in Istanbul, in which Boats with Boats crossed their horns to travel.

According to a Reuters global count, about 1,100 people in Latvia tested positive for coronavirus - a statue honoring health workers here.

Meanwhile, statistics say 30 deaths have been reported to date.

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