MI5 - Sources suspect Khairy Sadullah is reading sword attack

A man has been placed on MI5 on suspicion of killing three people in a park in Reading, according to security sources.

The 25-year-old Khairy Sadullah of the town was arrested on the spot on Saturday, and police say he is not looking for anything other than a terrorist incident.

Sources told the BBC that he originally belonged to Libya and arrived in MI5 in 2019.

One victim is a teacher named James Furlong - who describes her school as "talented and exciting."

Paying tribute to Mr. Furlong, head of the history, government and politics at Holt School in Wokingham, the school's co-heads said he was a "kind and gentle person" with a "sense of duty".

PM Boris Johnson said he was terrified of the attack at Forbury Gardens on Saturday evening.

According to BBC Home Affairs Correspondent Dominic Cassiani, the accused turned to security services when he received information that he had ambitions to travel abroad - terrorism.

When information is further investigated, the first step to potential leadership, no real threat or immediate danger is identified.

The case file was not opened, which targeted him for further investigation.

In a statement, Anne Kennedy and Katy Pierce, co-head teacher of the girls' secondary school - said that Mr. Furlong "really inspired everyone through their passion for their subject matter and their dedication".

“They are determined that our students will develop a critical awareness of global issues and, in doing so, become active citizens and have a voice,” he said.

Mr. Johnson promised to take action "if we have lessons to learn" after the incident.

The head of the counterterrorism policing, Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, called it "outrageous" and said, "it is deep condolence to the families of the bereaved after this heinous act."

Basu said investigators are not searching for anyone involved in the attack.

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