Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey has refused to push the city council to the police despite a majority of veto-proof.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey reiterated Sunday that he did not support the overthrow of the city's police force, saying they would take stern action in the face of custodial deaths, just hours after a majority of Minneapolis City Council members had a veto-proof majority. Floyd.

Frey, who ordered the evacuation of a police station last month when the riots burned to the ground, said a large number of protesters shouted near his home on Saturday, saying city police forces had rejected his demands for complete closure.

“I will continue to work with Chief [Madaria] Armando and the community to address deep, constructive reform and systematic racism in the police culture,” Fry said in a statement to KRE. "We are ready to create more community-led, public safety strategies on behalf of our city. However, I do not support the removal of the Minneapolis police department."

Before the crowd outside his home, Frey made his remarks with "his brokenness", promising to "hold on" and "build a police union in his place." But, most protesters are not explicitly affiliated with, "It's not about you!" And "Go home Jacob, go home!"

Frey is also seeking federal and state help for his city, claiming over $ 55 million in damages.

On Sunday, nine city council members held a protest at Powderhorn Park in the Minneapolis neighborhood. As Fox 9 reported, the number of supporters represents a veto-proof majority.

KRE attended the event with Council President Lisa Bender, VP Andrea Jenkins and Councilors Alondra Cano, Jeremiah Ellison, Steve Fletcher, Philip Cunningham, Cam Gordon, and Jeremy Schroeder.

Ellison, the son of State Attorney General Keith Ellison, has publicly expressed his support for Antifa, calling for the appointment of left-wing group President Trump as a terrorist organization. (The elder Ellison attached his picture to the book documenting Antifa's methods.) Most members of the City Council belong to the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party.

What is Antifa, and what do they want?

“Our commitment is to end our city’s toxic relationship with the Minneapolis Police Department,” Bender said. "It is clear that our policing policy is not keeping our communities safe. Our efforts for incremental reform have failed, period."

Bender said he and eight other council members who joined the rally were committed to ending the city's relationship with police forces and "rebuilding the system to end policing as we know it and keep us safe."

Ellison, for her part, promised that the council would "repeal" the section.

Nationally, police protection efforts have become increasingly unpopular, with only 20 percent of Americans tending to reduce police force. Quoting publicly available data, commentators say the idea of ​​systemic racism by police is questionable. In 2018, the latest year in which such figures were published, African-Americans constitute 53% of the known criminals in the US and commit 60% of robberies, yet they make up 13% of the population, ”Heather McDonald wrote in the Wall Street Journal this week.

“There are 7,407 black homicide victims in 2018,” she said. "Nine unarmed black victims of police shootings represent 0.1% of African-Americans killed in 2019. In contrast, a police officer is 18½ times more likely than a black male to be a police officer. The officer must be killed. "

McDonald's continued: "An analysis of the Philadelphia Police Department's 2015 Justice Department found that white police officers were less likely to shoot unarmed black suspects than black or Hispanic officers. Failure to take into account crime rates and civilian behavior before and during interactions with police.

McDonald's said, "The false narrative of systemic police bias has led to assassinations targeting officials during the Obama presidency."

This was done before the cancellation of the entire section. In 2012, following the crime in Camden, New Jersey, the city abolished its police department and replaced it with a new force that covered Camden County. Compton, California took the same step in 2000, shifting its policing to Los Angeles County.

Attorney General Eric Holder said the Justice Department was looking for Ferguson, Missouri, after the death of Michael Brown.

EX-OBAMA is associated with internal bureaucracies ... but must be deposited in jail

The city eventually reached that agreement, but a large-scale reform was required by a court-appointed mediator. Critics allege that the Obama administration has decided to accept the pressure of the Ferguson faction as evidence of police racism as a result of police enforcement.

The move does not guarantee the removal or removal of the Minneapolis department, and the civil rights investigation is likely to continue for the next few months.

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