NASA has named the first woman manned spacecraft

As the public prepares to return to the moon in 2024, a NASA official last month promoted a private crew plane into space, the agency said.

NASA Chief Jim Bridenstine announced on Twitter, "Kathy Leaders has been selected to lead 

NASA's Directorate of Human Exploration and Operations."

“Kathy has successfully managed both the commercial staff and the commercial cargo program and is the right person to lead the HEO because we are preparing to send astronauts to the moon in 2024,” he said.

Lairdors, who joined NASA in 1929, launched the SpaceX rocket at the International Space Station on May 20 to launch the SpaceX rocket.

He was responsible for the entire testing program for space capsules developed by SpaceX, Boeing, and other companies in collaboration with NASA to build ships that could safely transport humans into space.

"You can never sell this NASA and SpaceX team. They've done a miracle for me," he said in a briefing before the launch last month.

The program to develop a commercial spacecraft program for NASA began a decade ago under the administration of then-President Barack Obama, marking a dramatic change for the space agency that originally designed its rocket and spacecraft.

The NASA program, set up by President Donald Trump's administration, aims to put two astronauts in 2024, including the first woman on the moon, using heavy SLS rockets and Orion cartridges.

But the plan is behind schedule and NASA has yet to make a final decision on which company will build the Moon lander.

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