Next-gen Kia Cadenza Big Grill, rendered with a new logo

Kia Cadenza, however, recently received her first facelift in Korea and last year in Chicago, which is already receiving the next-generation model. At least the most recent Goo Chari shots are telling us that the model of the newest Kia model appeared several times this year.

One of K7's flagship design takeaways in the next-generation Catazonia or the domestic market in South Korea, with its huge grille and Kia's new logo. The Atchacars did not waste time and the visions offered a full-size sedan with this design instruction.

We must say, the grille and other design elements on the fascia are a bit futuristic. Size is not a big surprise, as most brands these days are "big good". But the focal point of this rendering is the new Kia logo on the nose of a large tiger.

Recall, a report about Kia's new logo came out late last year. This is a trademark application for the Korean Intellectual Property Information Service (KIPRIS).

Here is what we said about Cadgen:

This is not the first time Kia's new logo has been covered. The Imagine Kia Concept, which was featured at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, also has a different Kia logo but is a little less stylized than the trademark it recorded.

Kia has already confirmed this new logo, which is slated for the first image by the end of this year. According to a previous report, Kia Motors President Park Han-woo stated that "the new logo is similar to the Imagine concept car but looks a little different."

Will Jean Cadeja be the first to carry the new logo? It is very rare. It is too early to reveal the new model. We’ll be keeping an eye out for this development, so watch this space.

Source: Etchaker

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