'No Time to Die' in James No Bond's new 007 films?

James Bond's upcoming film 'No Time to Die' has been delayed by the coronavirus epidemic. According to reports, when it finally hits the big screen in November, 007 will have a daughter.

The MI6 agent with silverware says he's going to be a father now. Rumors that he might have a family at the time of the call-up began last week - which tells the actor his filming schedule - went on sale on eBay.

One outlet described a scene filmed in southern Italy last year, in which Bond's boyfriend, Dr. Madeleine Swan, called Agent Nomi and a child Mathilde, played by five-year-old Lisa-Dora Sun.

Mathilde Bond and da. Swan had children, played by Lee Sioux.

Jazz-bag maker Phoebe Waller-Bridge is believed to have been hired to write the story.

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