Riverdale 'producers say actors will improve or improve the show after criticizing the use of black characters on-screen'

On Sunday, Canadian actress Vanessa Morgan, who plays Tony Pukhraz in "Riverdale," wrote on social media that she was "tired of black roles and actors," who used only commercials to diversify the show, but not really. "

He said the show portrayed black people as "thugs, dangerous, or just plain creepy people," or that the roles played by black actors were "side-by-side (sic) non-dimensional characters" for white evidence. It takes place in the form.

"It starts with the media," she wrote in a statement posted on Twitter.
Roberto Aguirre-Sakasa, who developed the series based on Archie Comics for The CW, apologized to Morgan on Friday and pledged to solve the problem.
We listen to Vanessa. We love Vanessa. She is right," he wrote. "We're sorry and we promise you what we did to them. We do our best to respect them and the role they play. As well as our actors and characters."
"Riverdale" ended its fourth season in May and has been renewed for a fifth date.
“Change is happening and ongoing,” Aguirre-Cicasa said. "Riverdale is big and not small. Riverdale is part of the movement, not outside."

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