Pakistani plane crash kills 97 people due to human error: a preliminary report

According to a preliminary report on the disaster released on Wednesday, 97 people were killed in a plane crash in Pakistan last month, due to human failings in the pilot and air traffic control.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane hit Karachi airport on May 22

Announcing the findings in parliament, the country's aviation minister, Ghulam Sarwar Khan, said "the pilot and the controller did not follow the standard rules".

He said pilots were discussing the coronavirus pandemic when trying to land an Airbus A320.

"The pilot and the co-pilot are not focused and the conversation is about coronavirus," says Khan.

The Pakistani investigation team, comprising the French government and aviation industry officials, analyzed the data and voice recorder.

The minister said the aircraft was 100 percent fit and there were no technical flaws.

The county's deadliest aviation accident in eight months has resumed domestic commercial flights following a two-month coronavirus lockdown.

Many travelers are going to spend Eid al-Fitr's Muslim holiday with their loved ones.

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