Poland accidentally invaded the Czech Republic and became part of the neighboring territory

At the end of May, Poland accidentally attacked the Czech Republic and reduced one corner of its neighboring territory, the country's military agreed.

"Misunderstanding" occurred when Polish soldiers accidentally crossed the border into the Czech Republic while guarding parts of the border imposed by the coronavirus epidemic.

CNN reports that soldiers have begun removing Czech citizens from the church they are trying to visit in their country.

The Czech Foreign Ministry said that Poland was not officially deficient, but "unofficially assured us that this incident was simply a misunderstanding by the Polish military without any hostility."

"Polish soldiers are no more and our citizens can visit the site freely again," a spokesman for CNN said.

The Polish Defense Ministry said in a statement: "The appointment of the border post is a misunderstanding and not a deliberate act.

The accident occurred in Pilgrismo, a small border village in southern Poland, opposite the Czech country. The road serves as a border between the two countries.

In an attempt to slow the spread of Kovid-19, Poland initially reopened its borders with the Czech Republic, Germany, and Slovakia for the first time in three months.

Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine have tight control over entry.

In the Czech Republic, the government has implemented a color-coded approach to entry based on the severity of the spread of coronavirus in the respective countries.

Sweden is the only European Union state currently listed in the "red" countries, and also in Britain.

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