Prince Harry states that the coronavirus is associated with humans who exploit nature

Prince Harry claimed that the coronavirus pandemic "may have been linked to the exploitation of our nature" and warned that the world could be put in an "extinction crisis" in 10 years.

Writing more for the Annual Report on African Parks, the Duke of Sussex said that humanity now has "a decade to go before our fate is over."

The Prince of Wales said, "The more we eradicate the natural world, the more we destroy biodiversity."

He reaffirmed these sentiments in his self-proclaimed speech a few days ago - "Everyone has a role" when launching the 'Great Reset' project at the World Economic Forum's online conference.

Harry, who has now moved to North America with his wife Meghan and infant son Archie, now based in Los Angeles, said the world was not "handicapped" with the challenge of protecting the planet.

He said that by becoming a father the matter was centered in his mind.

The Prince has previously stated that he is stepping down from senior royalty and is moving to Britain to protect his son.

"We are currently in a crisis of extinction and now there is a global pandemic that has shaken our perspective and stopped the world," he wrote.

“The science on the extinction crisis is clear: we have a decade of course-right before our destiny ends.

“Some evidence suggests that the origin of the virus may be linked to our natural exploitation, even though it is not yet known, on this epidemic.

"The intensity of these challenges is coming to the screen, but we don't want to be crippled with them."

He said: “Since becoming a father, I feel that the pressure is still high to ensure that we can give our children the future they deserve, the future they don't deserve, and the future.

"Yes, we have seen this and I would like to tell all of you that we have done what is necessary to restore these important ecosystems, with the will and help of a group of extraordinarily committed people."

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