Queen Elizabeth is an emotional gift from Barack Obama

Queen Elizabeth was left in tears by a gift from then-President Barack Obama.

The former American leader and his wife, Michelle, presented the leather collection, including invitations and notes, from the late Emperor to his late father, King George VI's last American tour, a 2011 lunch, and 94-year-old queen. Overwhelmed with thoughtful gifts.

The head of protocol for the United States, Practicia Penavic, told Marshall People magazine, "We want to make sure that we have this special relationship with the UK, and especially with Her Majesty.

"The President and Mrs. Obama liked him very much. While doing our research, we found out that [Queen Elizabeth] was very fond of her father, and he collected anything and everything about her."

"When she's gone and she's flirting and looking at the pages, I love looking at her and saying, 'Oh, goodness, I hope he likes it.'

"And I just want to say that there was a little tear in his eye when he shook him. He looked at the President and said, 'Thank you very much for that.' "

President Obama and his wife also gifted the flower brooch to the Queen, and the Emperor also wore it when current President Donald Trump visited Britain in 2019.

Kriya said: “I would like to say that she is proud to have been wearing a piece of the President’s gift and showing unity between the two countries.

"I think she's always capable of lifting the message and pushing those strong boundaries. But only she really knows."

Acacia recalled the warning she received from Queen's staff when she went to help with her bag during Obama's visit to Buckingham Palace nine years ago.

He said: "When His Majesty went out, I made a comment to my defendant. I was like, 'Oh, my goodness, your Majesty has his bag.' And I've always done such a light trick with my left leg.

"He pushed me with his two hands behind the wall and said, 'Don't touch the bag.' And I was like, 'Oh, my goodness. I'm sorry.'

"He goes, 'We touch the bag.' And I was like, 'Well, I apologize. I never do but do we know what's in the bag? 'He said,' We don't know what's in the bag. But we never touch the bag. ""

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