Rights groups have criticized Trump's invitation to the Polish president

Warsaw, Poland US President Donald Trump is accused of sending his support message against LGBT people and other minorities to a tough re-election war before hosting his Polish opponent at the White House.

Trump will meet Andrzej Duda on Wednesday, four days before Duda will run for the second five-year term. He plans to remove thousands of American soldiers from Germany following Trump's announcement last week, including talks on defense and economic issues.

Some believe US forces could be transferred to Poland by a NATO member in the eastern part of the alliance. Poland is one of Europe's most enthusiastic pro-American countries and the tour is again ostracized as it seeks re-election.

Duda turned LGBT rights into an issue during the campaign to protect Polish families from "LGBT ideology." He recently called the LGBT rights movement a more dangerous ideology than communism.

Public television in Poland, controlled by popular law and the Justice Bench, which supports Duda, gives a message about the LGBT rights movement, which most Catholics import into Poland and whose conservative foreign imports are a threat to culture. .

Law and Justice adopted last year's winning message before the parliamentary elections, and several municipalities in Poland declared themselves "LGBT-free."

Public television is also using anti-Semitic tropes in a series of reports designed to weaken Duda's main presidential rival, Warsaw Mayor Rafael Trijakovsky.

"We are concerned that a visit to the White House sends a signal of political support to a candidate engaged in homophobic and antisemitic rhetoric," said Jaslik Sesaki, director of research at the Freedom House of Europe and Eurasia. U.S. based company. "Rape against minority groups is a dangerous tactic and should be condemned. The President of the United States has not supported it."

The LGBT Washington-based rights group, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, also condemned Duda's visit to the polls on Sunday.

It said Trump's use of anti-LGBT rhetoric was "vile, deceptive and dangerous" and that he was not an "ally" to the gay rights group.

US Congressman Eliot Engel, a Democrat who is also chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, cited the US president as an example of Trump's "fascination with leaders who show dictatorship."

In a statement last week, Elliott said, “President Duda and his party promote bad homophobic and LGBTQ stereotypes and policies that drive human rights and values.

Duda is the front-runner in the field of 11 candidates, but his support has recently fallen as the coronavirus epidemic continues to affect Poland's economy.

Poll predicts he will win 40% of the vote, down from the 50% threshold for a one-time victory. It will trigger the runoff on July 12, which is competing against Trezkowski, which is growing in popularity. Polls showed him tied for support in the second round.

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