Rihanna and Jack Dorsey donated $ 15 million

The Rihanna Foundation has donated over 15 million to mental health services.

The 32-year-old singer amid the coronavirus pandemic, she pledged a huge amount to The Clara Lionel Foundation in partnership with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's #StartsMall initiative.

A statement from the Rihanna Foundation said: "Racial injustices are being exacerbated by the systems designed to keep people safe. The mental health effects of coronaviruses on individuals and families in the United States are increasing.

"Because so many states have started lifting sanctions in recent times, millions of Americans face serious challenges for their health, psychological and financial well-being."

The Foundation - the 'umbrella' hitmaker founded in 2012 - reported that economic growth "focuses on mental health problems, food insecurity, loss of income and the needs of individuals excluded from federal stimulus programs". Did. ".

The statement said: "In Newark, which has the highest COVID-19 infection rate in the country, seniors, low-income families, and homeless people are making impossible decisions every day: whether to buy groceries or utility bills. Risk elimination or risky shelters.

“In Chicago, racial disparities contribute significantly to infection and death rates among Black and Brown people. And across America, mental health and suicide prevention support providers - particularly children, at-risk students and LGBTU youth - have increased significantly in demand for their services.

"On June 18, in partnership with Jack Dorsey's #StartSmall initiative, we will help organizations address mental health problems, food insecurity, income reduction and the needs of individuals excluded from federal stimulus programs in Newark and Chicago. Donate over $ 15 million (sic)"

In April, Rihanna and Jack donated $ 4.2 billion to help victims of domestic violence in LA during the epidemic.

A statement said: "Over 10 million people experience domestic violence in the US every year. The Los Angeles Housing Authority confirms that dozens of people (and their children) are in various capacities in domestic violence shelters. Since the issuance of safety orders in March, incidents have been increasing every week.

"CLF and Dorsey, who had previously participated in impact projects, knew the need for swift action and resolved the issue together. The CVF COVID-19 emergency response grant follows the previous two rounds of the $ 2.1 million commitment, bringing the foundation's total to over $ 8 million. Coronavirus-related. Million. "

Rihanna has previously announced that the Clara Lionel Foundation will grant $ 5 million to people who work against Kovid-19, and she and Jay-Z have each given $ 1 million to fight coronavirus.

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