Roach expects Archer to have a tough ride

West Indies fast bowler Kemar Roach has warned the players to welcome Joffra Archer to England.

The Barbados-born archer has been eligible to play for England since his father was born there, and the Pacer made the squad last year.

Fellow Barbadian Roach said his decision to dismiss the West Indies was not good and that Archer would not be given a warm welcome in the upcoming Test series.

This is the first time Archer will face the West Indies in Test cricket.

"Joffra made his decision and he has done tremendously for England so far, but they have no friendship in the series," Roach told reporters at Sunday's zoom press conference.

"It's about winning and playing difficult cricket. We have a plan to deal with our batsmen and I'm looking forward to that fight," he said.

“I saw him as a young player in domestic cricket in Barbados and always thought he was talented.

"He came here and showed what he can do and I wish him all the best in his career," he said.

"But you will definitely see if he has any words around him on the field."

The West Indies are currently triumphing in Manchester when the three-Test series begins in July.

As the movie takes place behind closed doors, the West Indies should emulate 2-1 Test series win against England in the Caribbean last year.

That victory was inspired by a swift attack from the West Indies, which shocked England.

Roach took five wickets as England bowled out for 77 in the first Test and the 31-year-old believes they can win the hosts again.

"This is a different situation for the Caribbean and the ball does a little bit more, but I don't think our attacking system will change much," Roach said.

"We have seen what happened in the Caribbean and it is very fresh in our minds and if we can get into the batsmen we will have a great chance to beat England," he said.

“We always have a history of fast bowling and what we need is pitches given to us by our curators.

"Our bowlers have done amazing work over the years and if we work hard there are some great things in front of us."

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