Russia has sentenced the anti-Kremlin to 15 days in jail for a minor offense

MOSCOW A Moscow court sentenced 15-year-old Kremlin anti-Pussy Riot aide Piotr Vergilov to life in prison on Monday for being found guilty of a minor offense.

At a political rally last summer, police questioned the publisher of private media Arizona news organizations Vergilov. Upon his release, he attacked an unknown assailant.

The two were later taken into custody by the police and are accused of public swearing-in Virgilov, according to RIA news agency Verzilov,'s lawyer Leonid Soloviev.

Verzilov, who wrote after his sentencing on Monday, alleged on Twitter that he had triggered the incident and was jailed.

Verzilov, said, "The judge sentenced me to just 15 days - but the real fact of police misconduct was the attack on me after 13 hours of interrogation by the investigating committee."

When Russia found a military parade in Red Square that lost Nazi Germany in World War II, Virgilov said Wednesday it planned to act prankster. Verzilov denied this in his comments to the BBC's Russian service.

Verzilov was one of four cat riot activists to wear a police uniform during a football World Cup final in Moscow in 2018, aimed at drawing attention to human rights violations.

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