Suppose Hillary Clinton was elected President of the United States?

The novel “Rodem” depicts a world closer to reality, where everything is different. Karen James asks if the fictional world helps to create a better future.

In 2016, the United States almost elected Hillary Clinton as president, while Britain almost rejected Briggs. Suppose the next events take a different turn?

Producers of the most popular novels and television series of recent times have written on the fascinating hypothesis of a fictional alternative to history. Curtis Steinfeld's most daring novel, Rodham, imagines what life would be like if Hillary Rodham wasn't married to Bill Clinton (a sign of her political ambitions). Starting a long time ago).

William Gibson's sci-fi novel "Agency" is written in a fictional world in which Hillary Clinton is not Bridget.

This season's first episode of the political drama The Good Fight depicts the atmosphere in which Hillary Clinton is president of the United States. A character sees this atmosphere in his dream, but as long as this dream continues, it feels great.

Apart from these, female aspirations are also shown in plays or stories that are different from other real worlds.

The hugely acclaimed Apple TV Plus series wants to show what the world would be like if Russia sent a woman to the moon before America. Unsurprisingly, the President of the United States, Richard Nixon, who is unaware of how much women care for women's rights, suddenly announced that the US had done so.

Now there's no more novel than Margaret Attenwood's The Testament. This is part of the sequel to The Handmaid Tale, which depicts the fall of Gilead against women.

The line between reality and fantasy life is now blurred, and readers and viewers of television series will be tired of watching novels or TV series that show such an atmosphere of injustice as fantasy has become reality. .

These new creations present a binary haunting world as an alternative to mythical life, which has its roots in the real world. It is coincidental that such compositions emerge at a time when the world is plagued with epidemics, but in reality, these stories are a reminder of how different the world is.

Mythological alternative histories have so far emerged as a cautionary tale about the dark and tyrannical atmosphere, many of which relate to World War II.

Charles Lindbergh, Fascist American President on the HBO series The Plot Against America. Alpacchino, the American Jewish leader in the Amazon series "Hunter," was trying to reorganize the Nazis in New York City in the 1970s. Another Amazon series, The Man, shows Germany and Japan winning World War II. These series serve as a kind of warning about our political climate.

But 2016 has led to a new kind of nation, perhaps because the world is closer without the United States led by Bridget and Hillary Clinton, but the results are all shaky.

Showing the victory of the Nazis may be a sign of more nation, but the failure of Bridget and the imagining of Clinton's victory would almost make this alternative history a reality.

Steinfeld's novel "Rodham" is a very courageous act that takes us into the mythical Hillary mind and the whole story is told in Hillary's own words. Speaking in the mind of a living person may be a very wrong idea, but Steinfeld created the character in a very exciting way, as he did in 2008 in the life of former First Lady Laura Bush. That’s what happened when building a character. The novel 'American Wife'?

The first part of the novel "Rodham" does not distract from the facts, but he also creates a fictional character as he actually writes a biography of Hillary Clinton. In fiction, when we create characters, we find space to write about real characters.

When Hillary and Bill first met in the student-style of their minds on the Yale University campus, we knew that the two young men were attracted to each other through the sexual and intellectual attraction of the legendary Hillary. In the later stages of her novel, she calls it romance.

Bill was not a faithful or honest young man in the atmosphere surrounding Hillary at the time, but we do know why she wanted to start her life with Bill in Arkansas where her political career began.

At this point, the novel changes the course of real life.

In the meantime, the novel lost her faith in Bill Clinton and moved to Alvanois, where she began her career and quickly gained political prominence.

Even at this point, Steinfeld relies on real-life events in Hilary's character formation but changes some of them.

"I think I can stay at home, cook biscuits and drink tea," Hillary said from the Stanfield novel. The novelist made a slight change to the real Hillary phrase, provoking much response.

In the novel, his political opponents chant the slogan "Stop Their Nonsense" at his rally, which is the real motto of "Keep them in prison." Like all recent alternative historical fiction, these are considered credible.

Steinfeld introduced a strange, large, mythological concept. It does not introduce Donald Trump as a presidential candidate but instead presents him as a harmless clown.

William Gibson exhibits a similar political scene in The Agency in two different mythological times.

Part of the story is a scene from the twentieth century London, where people form their own little gangs, which is an alternate reality. In the second part of the story shown in San Francisco in 2017, when Bridget and the US presidential election were "due to little or no control over Russia's social media," the results are different.

Like the genre of science fiction literature, 'The Agency' is basically a story about a young woman named Artificial Intelligence and Variety. Variety is working on testing the Artificial Intelligence app in 2017. For non-sci-fi fans, the social and political aspects of the story are even more complicated.

Gibson's nation is a clear reminder that more and more scientists are looking at disaster now.
Gibson's twentieth-century role has seen the US presidential elections and Bridget's alternate outcomes as positive consequences, which is clearly not surprising. Parliament does not exist in the face of this novel atmosphere, and those people also survived the plague that had not seen the characters of 2017, at least so far as the story goes.

The novel The Agency, published in January, clearly belongs to the epidemic.

Gibson's nation is a clear reminder that more and more scientists are looking at disaster now. 

Clinton is not named in The Agency, but there is the same mention of a female president, with graffiti with slogans like "Put in jail" written on the toilet.

Diversity loses the presidential debate during this time when opposition candidates (behind the female president) are ‘behind’ the election. And then the Variety recalled that the female president could not believe "physical motions against a male candidate", which was a deliberate violation of the current rules of one's political distance. The debate between Trump and Hillary Clinton a month before the presidential election was summed up in many respects.

Fiction, along with real events, do not show ideal global change in a world filled with oppression, but rather present conditions that are somewhat better than current ones. The famed president of the agency failed to bring peace to the Middle East. It is enough to protect the Middle East from destruction.

Diane's role in "The Good Fight" as Hillary Clinton's attorney general favors Hillary and hates Trump, not to mention the perfect state of her dreams. The only success of Clinton's veteran administration was to find a cure for cancer. However, since Trump was not elected president, there are no female protests or the ‘Me Too’ movement in this mythical story.

A small event for a big storm
A small event can often be the precursor to a big change. This change can occur when a better history is replaced by actual events. The series has great space travel plans, including another dramatic move to the moon.

In a way, it is also an emotional metaphor when there are true characters of history with the astronauts of this mythical story. Neil Armstrong seems to be making this series the first film based on facts.

Ironically, the series, called For All Mankind, refers to the first female astronaut who flew into space in the early 1970s, a decade later than the first woman in space.

But the difficulties behind his success in this series are discussed further.

The changes made are noteworthy. These women face insecurity to the best of their ability and this also affects their relationship with their own partner. Needless to say, sex bias is rampant today.

In this alternate, epic history, Richard Nixon loses the second presidential election and Ted Kennedy becomes president. This era of the presidency does not go easy, as the "The Good Fight" series suggests. And this trend continues to be life-threatening, due to some space collisions and some global own events.

The most popular of women's rights writings was the provision published in September last year. Atwood served not as a state of oppression but as a symbol of the establishment of an ideal state.

Finally, in 1985, he created the worst case of harassment, The Handmaid Tale. In the Republic Glades, 'maids' were portrayed as slave sex factories for commanders and commanders.

This is even more evident in the 2017 Hulu era when female feminist leaders were attacked. The theory of Margaret Atwood is so disturbing that in the mythological period of the series, in 2195, the Republic of Gilead was not published as a remnant of the past.

This is even more admirable when Atwood shows a ray of hope in the sequence of events in that clause.

The first battle is shown fifteen years after the novel, when the Republic of Gilead falls. There are three narrators in the novel. There is a terrible antidepressant that is ready to play an important role in the cruelty and abuse of the leader. She writes her last story, which is utterly pity, and the other two are conspiring to help, including a young woman who grew up in Gilead and is a threat. I am against him. And Gladys fled to Canada with evidence of crime and corruption.

Lida now knows how the existence of the kingdom of Gilead is possible.

He and the rest of the country's population have ignored signs of deterioration of the environment and society. "We need to look for signs of floods, fires, hurricanes and hurricanes, a growing economy and unemployment," she said. How familiar is this? Accepting this reckless disregard, Attenwood promised a better future after the sacrifices and sufferings of various characters.

This gin hallu represents a happy moment
However, just being optimistic is not enough.

Ryan Murphy's Netflix series 'Hollywood' is based on an alternate history. Accordingly, suppose that racial biases, sexual prejudices, and homosexual tendencies were superseded by the 1940s in the American film industry.

This series actually explains how not to make the series on an alternate date. Although the acting is good and its dialogues are very clumsy, this excellent production series is definitely worth watching. But being aggressive is probably the smallest of problems.

This childish film portrays the past as a black woman winning an Oscar. Gay black screenwriters also win an award for a movie. Also receiving the Asian-American Award.

Murphy had a magic wand in his hand, and racial barriers and sexual prejudices disappeared on their own. Hollywood is a dream movie. But it has nothing to do with realism like fairy tales. Because in fact, the hero must work very hard to overcome adversity.

Attempts to present alternative histories by substitution do not send a message that we can change the past and go back in time to stop the virus, eliminate biases, or change the Bridget result. Can. "Every political system has flaws and every bureaucracy is corrupt," says real-life scientist Vern Harvon Brown in a mythological scene for All Mankind.

These fantasies tell the truth in a very concrete way. They present happy moments in today’s world. If we can imagine the past as an alternative, we can come close to creating a better future, despite the shortcomings.

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