The Bulgarian prime minister should be fined for not wearing a face mask in the church

Sofia  Bulgaria's Prime Minister Boyko Borisov will be fined 300 leva ($ 174) for violating a mandate to wear protective face masks during a church visit on Tuesday.

After the Balkan country reported a weeklong rise in the number of cases of novel coronavirus cases last week, Health Minister Kirill Ananiyev ordered Bulgarians to begin wearing masks again in all indoor public spaces.

"All people who do not have protective face masks in the church at Rilla Math during the Prime Minister's visit will be fined," the health ministry said in an email to Reuters.

In addition to Borisov, journalists, photographers, and even those who go to church without masks will be fined, the ministry said.

It does not say whether pastors who fail to wear veils inside the church will also be punished.

The Eastern Orthodox Rila Monastery, located south of Sofia and in the Rila Mountains for over 1,000 years, is known for its colorful frescoes and is one of Bulgaria's top tourist attractions.

Bulgaria has faced COVID-19 pandemic due to strict lockdown restrictions, including the obligation to wear face masks in public places.

It launched deregulation measures earlier this month, but last week reported 606 new COVID-19s, totaling 2079 casualties, including masks, trains, and buses in indoor public spaces, to meet the need for anonymity. The motivation for the decision.

Chief State Health Inspector Angel Kunchev said Monday that Borisov's ruling center-right GERB party and the opposition Socialist Party will be fined 3,000 for failing to enforce social disturbances in recent mass events.

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