The coalition says 3 ISIS hideouts in Iraq have been exterminated

Three Islamic State (ISIS) camps in northern Iraq have been destroyed by aircraft attached to the Iraqi government, military officials announced Saturday.

ISIS targets have been targeted by Wadi al-Shay in Kirkuk province in the northern part of the country, officials said.

Settlements in rural areas of Iraq have become a new modus operandi for the terrorist organization, as Iraqi security forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces destroyed ISIS's last stronghold in March 2019.

"Iraqi security forces have a strategic acquisition against ISIS; air strikes will help destroy ISIS targets that are difficult to reach by standard vehicles," a statement said on Saturday. The escalation of ISIS clandestine sites in the Basilic area will eventually lead to security in cities and villages. "

According to military officials Saturday, "after the liberation of ISIS-occupied territories," Iraqi civilians have largely denied the presence of ISIS in Iraq and have moved terrorists into rural deserts and mountains.

US military personnel continue to urge Iraqi citizens to come up with information about ISIS and contact local security officials.

"Each coalition's perfect runway is maintained at the request of the Iraqi government, which has sustained Daesh's permanent defeat," Coggins said.

ISIS's regional leaders and activists are targeted and "neutralized" according to military officials, forcing them to hide in rural areas.

The Foreign Ministry has urged the public to come forward with information about the promotion of ISIS and Muhammad Qadir Musa Ramadan, the senior ISIS leader responsible for producing ISIS's known horror videos.

A spokesman for the department told Fox News last month, "Muhammad Khadir Musa Ramadan is one of ISIS's longest-serving senior media executives. It oversees the daily media operations of the Ramadan Group, which includes ISIS supporters around the world, and content management for the network."

For any information about his body and whereabouts, ahead of 3 million ounces is placed on his head.

In a statement released Saturday by the US Central Command, "the coalition and our allies continue to put pressure on the terrorist organization."

"In addition to military operations, ISIS's propaganda has severely damaged the economic and human trafficking network."

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