The death of France's Covid-19 is less than 100 per week - the latest update

The death of France's Covid-19 is less than 100 per week - the latest update

French coronavirus deaths are fewer than 100

Health Ministry figures show that since June 2, French coronavirus deaths have increased by 87 or 0.3 percent to 29,296, a daily number, but less than 100 on the seventh day.

The number of confirmed cases daily increased by 403 or 0.3 percent to 154,591, at 211 on Monday and 343 on Sunday, but more than 500 seen from Thursday to Saturday.

Daily recovers new cases in Turkey

Turkey has confirmed 3,218 recoveries daily from the virus while simplifying measures against the epidemic.

More than 3,218 patients were discharged from hospitals, according to data from the Ministry of Health.

"In the last 24 hours, the number of new registries is one-third of the number of patients recovered. With the new diagnoses, the need for intensive care and ventilator support has increased," he said.

The number of virus deaths in the country has increased to 4,729 with 18 new deadly attacks in the last 24 hours.

Ethiopia files the first case in refugee camps

A regional health official said Ethiopia has recorded the first coronavirus cases in its vast refugee population, which is expected to spread rapidly to a "very high-risk" group.

Samuel Orge, a public health emergency response officer in Tigre, said the first refugee case was a 16-year-old Eritrean girl from the North Adi Harush camp, who went to the Orthodox Christian Monastery in late May and fell ill shortly after returning. Area.

Samuel said the girl's positive test results came back on Friday, and two other refugees tested positive on Tuesday.

Italy reported 79 new deaths

The epidemic deaths in Italy 65 days ago were 79 days, and the daily rate of new cases was 283, compared with 280 on Monday.

The death toll is now 34,043, which is the fourth-highest in the world after the United States, Britain and Brazil.

The Civil Protection Agency said that 32 of the 79 newly reported deaths actually occurred in the Abruzzo Middle area in the previous days, but have not been reported by Abruzzo authorities before.

The total number of confirmed cases since the outbreak in Italy is now the seventh-highest global rally behind the United States, Russia, Brazil, Spain, Britain, and India.

Those currently registered to carry the disease fell from 34,730 to 32,872 days ago.

WHO expert made the comment on the spread of the virus

A top expert at the World Health Organization has attempted to dispel "misconceptions" about widely understood comments to suggest that people with Covid-19 symptoms rarely transmit coronavirus huh.

Maria von Kerkhov, head of the United Nations Health Agency on the virus pandemic, in a statement on Monday, emphasized that not just a few studies, but the whole picture.

Van Kerkhov's comments on Monday raised confusion and questions among outside experts and health officials, who recommended that people in some places need to wear masks to prevent the virus from spreading.

Death toll in Britain rose to 40,883

According to government data, the death of the United Kingdom has increased from 286 to 40,883 with the diagnosis of Kovid-19.

Britain is the second most difficult country in the world after virus deaths.

The Eiffel Tower will reopen on June 25

The Eiffel Tower, one of Paris' most visited destinations, will reopen to the public more than three months after it closed on France's lockdown on June 25.

The Eiffel Tower website says the landmark has been closed since the first World War with a limited number of visitors, and face masks are mandatory for those 11 and older.

Mexico's Kovid-19 peak is still weeks away

Deputy Health Minister Hugo Lopez-Gattell said new coronavirus cases in Mexico will continue to rise over the coming weeks, after confirming the number of peaks the country has anticipated in recent weeks.

"We haven't reached the peak yet," Lopez-Gottle said at a regular news conference. "For several more weeks, we will announce that there are more cases today than yesterday."

Emirates fired thousands of pilots, cabin crew, and planned more job cuts

Emirates, one of the world's largest long-haul airlines, including hundreds of pilots and tens of thousands of cabin crew, is facing a cash crunch due to epidemics and job cuts, the company's five sources said.

Sources said on condition of anonymity this week that Emirates, including Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 pilots, is expecting more redundancy.

The workforce of 4,300 pilots and about 22,000 cabin crews could be reduced by a third from pre-coronavirus levels.

In 2020, the airline suffered a net loss of $ 84 billion.

The International Air Transport Association says international airlines are facing a net loss of more than $ 84 billion in the wake of this year's epidemic.

IATA said in a news conference, "After a net loss of $ 84 billion this year, we expect an estimated loss of $ 15 billion in 2021. Of its members, 290 are affected by the virus and designed to limit global locking."

Masks are mandatory in Spain until the vaccine arrives

The government says it is mandatory to wear a face mask in Spain until the coronavirus vaccine is found, and police have the right to impose fines.

Health Minister Salvador Illa said the move would continue after the country's state of emergency ended on June 21, and "we will continue to defeat the virus in the absence of effective treatment or vaccination."

Since May 21, it is mandatory for everyone over the age of six to wear a mask in public, where it is not possible to maintain a distance of two meters (6.5 feet) from others.

When the lockdown officially ends, the government will be fined up to $ 113 (100 euros) for not complying with the measure - although the safety distance will be reduced to 1.5 meters.

The new regulations come into force on July 1, just days before the country's borders reopen for international tourists.

Britain plans to bring children to school in the summer

The British government supported a plan to return all primary school children to England before the summer holidays, and principals were concerned that if all returned they would not meet the social distance requirements.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson admits that in England, 5 million primary school children aged 4 to 11 are unattainable due to class size, the need for social change and the lack of teachers.

145,000 people may have died in the US in August

Researchers at the University of Washington estimate that 145,728 people will be infected with the virus in the United States in August, leaving more than 5,000 dead within days of their acute prognosis.

The university's widely cited Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation estimates 140,496 virus deaths as of Friday, a respiratory disease caused by coronavirus. Researchers did not specify the cause of the sudden change.

New estimates come the same day that Texas reported that the largest number of hospitalizations for the epidemic were in the United States, and 22 U.S. states confirmed the lowest number of new cases.

Moscow closed lockdown in 485,000 cases in Russia.

Residents of Moscow have begun to resume their normal routines as the lockdown designed to prevent the expansion was lifted after more than two months, the Russian capital still has over a thousand daily affairs. Reporting.

Nearly 13 million residents of Moscow are free to move out, use public transport and travel around the city in their own vehicles with no restrictions or digital passes.

Officials said 8,595 new cases were registered across the country in the last 24 hours, reaching Russia's number of 485,253, making it the third-largest in the world. The virus has caused 6,142 deaths in the country.

1,572 new virus cases were reported in Moscow on Tuesday.

The Indian capital will soon see half a million cases

Delhi officials have warned that the number of cases in the Indian capital will increase by 20 times in the coming weeks, which is more than half a million.

India is reducing its national lockdown to reduce the economic devastation caused by the virus, but the infection is still on the rise in the second-most populous country in the world.

10,000 new infections have been reported in the past 24 hours, with congestion megacities like Mumbai and Delhi being the most affected.

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, speaking after a crisis meeting in July, said that by the end of July, the authorities would reach 550,000, which has now reached 30,000.

Romania's president aims to expand 'state of vigilance'

President Klaus Ioannis said Romania's current situation had been implemented to fight the epidemic on May 15 and should be extended by another 30 days by mid-July.

Iohannis ordered a strict lockdown in early March for the outbreak, but the emergency was replaced last month with vigilant conditions. Parliament must approve the full implementation of this measure.

There have been 20,749 cases so far in Romania, of which 14,910 have been recovered and 1,345 have died.

It recorded 145 new cases in the last 24 hours.

Nepali police locked in with protesters

Police fired water cannons at about 500 people demonstrating in Kathmandu to counter the Nepal government's crisis.

Protesters, carrying banners that read "put on," demanded better testing and quarantine facilities and more transparency in government spending to return migrant workers.

Ten protesters were arrested near the prime minister's residence, police said.

Nepal imposed a nationwide lockout on March 24 after two coronavirus infections were confirmed in the country. There are currently 3,762 cases of 14 deaths.

Bangladesh has the highest number of deaths on a regular basis

According to official statistics, Bangladesh has the highest number of deaths and cases.

The Directorate General of Health Services said 45 people had died in the last 24 hours in a South Asian country with a population of 165 million, a daily record from the first report on March 18.

While the total number of live deaths was 975 newcomers, the country on Tuesday identified the highest number of one-day infections with 3,171 cases, bringing the total number to 71,675.

However, so far 15,337 Kovid-19 patients have recovered from the disease in Bangladesh.

Seven new cases were reported in Malaysia

Malaysian health officials have registered seven new cases, totaling 8,336.

The Ministry of Health also reported that 117 new deaths have not been reported.

Hong Kong to give back some students from China

Hong Kong will allow some students from mainland China to return to classes from June 15, the government said on easing border restrictions.

School buses will be set up and students will undergo health checks including temperature checks, health announcements in Hong Kong, and Shenzhen limits once they start going to school, the statement said.

There were 1,108 coronavirus cases and four deaths in Hong Kong.

Six more deaths and 518 infections in Philippines

The Philippines Ministry of Health has recorded six new deaths and 518 additional infections.

The ministry said in its bulletin that total deaths rose to 1,071 and confirmed cases reached 22,992.

There were approximately 64,000 additional deaths during the epidemic in Britain

The Office for National Statistics specialist said that this year the coronavirus virus epidemic killed more than 64,000 people in the United Kingdom.

Epidemiologists have a high mortality rate - the best way to calculate the number of deaths due to outbreaks is internationally comparable, with all-cause mortality exceeding five years on average. .

Indonesia reports the largest daily growth

The Indonesian Ministry of Health reported 1,043 new infections, the largest increase in day-to-day cases, bringing the total number of infections to 33,076.

There were also 409 deaths, including 1,923 deaths, said ministry official Achamad Urinto.

The South East Asian nation on Tuesday tested more than 281,650 viruses, according to its Kovid-19 Task Force statistics.

The state of Australia allows sports fans to return to stadiums

A state government has invited more than 2 thousand fans to attend an Australian rules football game at a stadium in Adelaide this weekend as Australia moves forward with a lockdown easing to curb the expansion. Have made it clear.

The professional game resume was allowed to begin in Australia last month after a two-month hiatus, but it became one of the first countries to accept audiences in stadiums as lockdowns began to rest.

Pakistan sees more than 100 virus deaths per day

Pakistan recorded more than 100 deaths in a single day, and the country has been locked up for the first time since the figures were first placed in mid-March.

As of Tuesday, there were 108,316 infections in Pakistan with 4,646 new cases, and 2,172 deaths amid Prime Minister Imran Khan's warnings.

Despite criticism from medical professionals and opposition politicians, Khan continued to reduce lockdown limits, saying the country's ailing economy would collapse and that the long-term loss of the country's 220 million people would be for lockdowns.

UAE Capital extended lockdown in another week

The UAE extended the Emirates-wide lockdown on the capital epidemic for another week.

Government officials announced an extension of the lockdown, which prevented people from leaving their territory in Abu Dhabi.

The lockdown comes as the epidemic has ravaged its tourism and aviation industry as it tries to reopen the rest of the UAE's non-oil economy.

South Korean cases are on the rise

There have been 38 new cases and another death in South Korea, with a total of 11,852 infections and 274 virus-related deaths nationally.

According to data from South Korea's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 35 new cases come from the densely populated Seoul metropolitan area, where authorities have identified entertainment venues, church gatherings, and broadcasts with low-income workers. Affordable. Stay at home

WHO finds the epidemic worsening

The head of the World Health Organization has warned that the coronavirus epidemic is aggravating. About 75 percent of the cases reported to the United Nations Health Organization on Sunday came from 10 countries in the US and South Asia, Tedros Adhanam Ghebreyesus said. Nine out of 100,000 cases have topped the daily cases report over the past 10 days.

Tedros said most countries are seeing positive signs, but added: "In these countries, the greatest danger right now is complacency."

UNGA is not available in New York

Due to an epidemic in the 75-year history of the United Nations, world leaders are not coming to New York for their annual meeting in late September, said the president of the United Nations General Assembly.

Tijani Muhammad-Bade felt that the leaders should declare an alternative to their regular speeches during the so-called general debates of the legislature.

The virus abolished the Asian Peace Prize

The Ramon Magsaysay Awards, considered the Asian edition of the Nobel Prize, were canceled this year due to the global pandemic, disrupting annual awards in just six decades.

The Manila-based foundation, which is handing out awards, said there was no other way to do away with awards this year that "practically cut the world with the Kovid-19 pandemic."

The awards were also canceled due to the economic crisis in 1970 and the earthquake in the Philippines in the 1990s.

Brazil deaths rose to 37,134

According to the Council of State Health Secretaries (KONAS), Brazil has concluded a total of 37,134 deaths and 707,412 cases, bringing together the heads of all state health departments in the country.

Konas, which is separate to the Federal Health Ministry, began publishing its own coronavirus statistics over the weekend, with the Ministry eliminating data from its website and releasing aggregate amounts for deaths and cases.

Almost 3,000 fresh cases have been spotted in Mexico.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Health, the Mexican government confirmed 2,999 new cases and the total number of infections was 120,102.

The country's official coronavirus death toll rose to 14,053.

Honduras begins reopening the economy

After nearly three months of paralysis during the epidemic, Honduras is slowly reopening its economy, with some doctors warning that the health care system may be overloaded.

The Central American nation imposed a nationwide curfew in mid-March, shutting down shops, industries and government offices. The virus has claimed 258 deaths so far in Honduras.

President Juan Orlando Hernandez has shut down "thousands" of businesses in a previously recorded television address.

“The economy is no longer closed,” Hernandez said, adding that the curfew will be put in place in the evening.

The Mexican president said in good health

Mexican President Andrెస్s Manuel Lopez Obreder insisted that he was in good health and that a top official in his government had no symptoms after testing positive for the virus.

At his daily press conference in Mexico City, the president told reporters, "I don't have a test because I have no symptoms. Fortunately, I'm fine and I look after myself."

Country Social Security chief Joe Robledo said Sunday he tested positive and separated himself from his family.

Robledo regularly appears at Oberder's daily press conferences.

Hungary launches virus questionnaire

The Hungarian government has published a new questionnaire with 13 items focusing on the epidemic. "National consultations" will be mailed to citizens in the coming weeks.

Prime Minister Victor Orb నిర్వహn has led a number of similar campaigns since his return to power in 2010.

Mainly aimed at gaining voters' views on issues ranging from the new constitution to immigration, "national consultations" have been criticized for their politically charged questions, as well as for limited choices.

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