The draft UN resolution seeks three auxiliary crossings to Syria

Framework United Nations U.N. Syria resolves two border points from Turkey to provide humanitarian aid to the northwest, mainly in the hands of rebels, and reopens the Iraqi cross in the northeast to provide medical supplies to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Russia, which requested the closure of the Iraqi crossing in January, will be key to future border operations. It was a temporary response to the nine-year-old Syrian conflict, saying it was getting help from across the border and that the situation on Earth had changed.

The Security Council resolution, received by the Associated Press on Thursday, proposed by Belgium and Germany, stresses that 11 million Syrians need assistance and border delivery, which is an "immediate and temporary solution".

It said the epidemic was "a serious challenge to Syria's health system, socioeconomic and human conditions" and "increasing the need to use every means possible to reach the needy."

In January, Russia triumphed over its closest ally, Syria, using its veto threat to force the Security Council to reduce the number of crossing points for aid to just two. From the Northwest to Turkey. Since Russia started in six months, beginning in six years in 2014, there has been a cut in the half-year mandate.

The newly circulated draft proposal extends the two-year mandate across the border from Turkey to the northwest - Bab-al-Salam and Bab al-Hawa. It will reopen Al-Yarbiyah from Iraq for a six-month initial period until January 10, 2021, and then for an additional six-month period, if the Council determines the effectiveness of the pandemic warrants a report to be made. By General Secretary Antonio Gutierrez.

Last month, UN Humanitarian Chief Mark Lokak called the Northwest border operation "the lifeblood of millions of people who cannot reach the UN by other means." Delivery estimates it will cross 1,365 trucks from Turkey in April. Level.

Al Yarubia was mainly used to supply medical supplies to the Northeast, and the first road delivery from Syria took place in May when U.N. officials said a crossing from Iraq was needed to carry Iraqi COVID-19 supplies.

Luis Charbonneau, UN Director of Human Rights Watch, said in his research in late April that COVID-19 dozens of cases were confirmed in May in which aid restrictions from Damas and Iraq prevented medical supplies and personnel from reaching more than two million people in the Northeast. At least three deaths.

"The UN Security Council - including Russia - needs to work quickly to provide Syria with medical assistance from Iran in the northeast, to prevent further expansion of the COVID-19 that destroys the region," Charbonneau said, emphasizing an alternative that Russia and others have proposed failed to close the gap. . "

Will Russia allow Al Yoruba to revisit? The current mandate for the two Turkish crossings expires on July 10, and the Security Council has not yet taken up a serious debate over the Belgian-German draft proposal.

Last month, Russia's U.N. delegation announced its decision. Ambassador Vasily Nebenzia said that the U.S. has been able to move beyond Iraq. Responding to Look and the call, Ambassador Kelly Croft said: "Don't waste your time in trying to reopen points within closed borders."

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