The EU and China are looking to ease tensions and emphasize trade

Brussels EU officials are in talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang on Monday amid tensions between the two major trading partners over the coronavirus crisis and Hong Kong's increased control over Beijing.

European Council President Charles Mitchell, European Union Commission Chairman Ursula van der Leyon and Black's foreign policy chief Josep Burrell will hold two video conferences, first with the premier and then with G.

The conference is not expected to produce definitive results - no joint statement will be issued - but Europeans hope that the investment deal will encourage slower negotiations and face-to-face meetings with thorny political issues. , Hopefully at the end of the year.

The European Union sees China as a “systemic rival” that offers great opportunities but also presents many challenges. The coronavirus pandemic has created new obstacles, especially the Brussels epidemic, which can be seen as a China-orchestra campaign that endangers lives.

The meetings are being held after China is accused of influencing European officials, and Borel has twice been condemned in recent months by Beijing's pressure to change documents, including the Foreign Office Service - a kind of European Union Foreign Office he headed. .

While the EU of 27 countries is China's largest trading partner, it is often divided in its policy towards Beijing. Black has been galvanized because of a new security law for Hong Kong. It is guaranteed in a "one-country, two-system" framework that European Union member states will reduce the autonomy of the region.

Monday's meetings were originally scheduled for a summit on March 30, but the Coronavirus pandemic has been put off, along with another high-level event in the German city of Leipzig in September.

Europeans will hold a press conference later Monday, but none of the Chinese officials are expected to attend.

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