The EU claims that China is behind of the covid-19 breakdown

The block is planned to deal with "massive waves of false facts about the coronavirus epidemic" in China, which Brussels accused of disinfecting the European Union.

The European Commission said that Russia and China "run the European Union, targeting influential activities and misinformation campaigns in their neighborhoods and around the world." This is the first time that an EU executive has publicly cited China as the source of the abolition, as has been the case on several occasions over Russia.

At the height of Europe's epidemic, French leaders were angry when a Chinese embassy website stated in mid-April that care workers had to quit their jobs to help residents die. An anonymous Chinese diplomat says 80 French MPs have mistaken the World Health Organization's racist solution against the mainstream Tedros Adnom Gebois.

European Commission Vice President Vera Zorova told reporters: "I believe we should not be ashamed to name and shame if we have clues." "We have seen an increase in articles affecting our democracies and our response to the crisis, for example in secret US biological laboratories in the former Soviet republics, spread by two Kremlin supporters, and even the Chinese. Officials and state media."

“If we are in accent, I am confident that European Union President Ursula van der Leyon's goal can be emphasized,” Zorova said.

The Kremlin-backed sources only reflect the change in the tone of the report, which focuses on the disinfection process that describes Chinese media articles. MPs in the European Parliament have been accused of overturning a previous report on pressure from the EU - which the EU vehemently denies.

EU member states are struggling with how to deal with China in many areas, from the economy to foreign policy and security. The Commission described the 2019 report as a "systemic rival," which many member states see as Beijing's watershed marking deals with the aggressive government in the EU.

The EU Commission issued an impassioned rebuttal to Donald Trump because he recognized the harmful effects of his bizarre suggestion of injecting bleach into the corona. Without the US president, the naming of the commission would be "very harmful" as documented, with the Belgian Poison Control Center reporting a 15% increase in the number of bleach-related incidents.

Jourov reiterated Twitter, praising Trump for putting the fact-checking tag in two of his recent tweets, and would like to see a similar approach taken by other social media companies over misinformation. "It could be the president, it could be the diplomat, it was me.… When we [politicians] say anything, we have to be accountable and have someone know and check the facts."

While the Commission is threatening regulation, social media companies have been encouraged to sign a voluntary code of conduct over a failed campaign. The latest report to accelerate work with independents and checkers to share data with researchers to increase demands on platforms. "I don't like that the platforms uphold the truth," Jourov said.

China-owned video-sharing app TickTalk has become the latest company to sign the Code of Practice, joining Google on Facebook, Twitter and Mozilla.

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