The FBI Director Christopher Ray said the Bureau of the Communist Party of China is conducting more than 2,500 active investigations.

Ray, who topped the FBI in the wake of the James Comedy President Trump shootout, warned Brett Bear in a special report on Fox News that China is the biggest threat to the US economy and its democratic principles. China trade theft and goon skin.

In an interview on Wednesday, Raleigh said, "There is no country that poses a greater threat to America's inventions, our economic security, and our democratic views about China."

"The FBI has more than 2,000 active investigations that trace the government back to China," Ray said, "and they mention a 1300% increase in financial cryptocurrency investigations with China Nexus a decade ago."

The bureau is "launching a new counter-investigation that will reconnect to China every 10 hours," Ray said.

The Justice Department recently accelerated its review of China's operations, launched the China initiative in 2018, and has thousands of talent to go after the event, including prosecuting Chinese citizens in goon skin cases, tightening hacking schemes, stealing trade secrets, and a Harvard professor. Charles Lieber.

Ray said the Chinese government "is conducting a cyber-infiltration campaign targeting intellectual property theft, financial gov- ernment, businesses and large educational institutions and our educational research institutions nationwide." Beijing "works only through traditional government officials, they certainly do, but we sometimes call it traditional collectors - they may be businessmen, high-level scientists, high-level academics ... all different ways to promote American innovation and steal confidential information and take it back to China. "

Based on the investigation, the Senate Permanent Subcommittee, led by Senator Rob Portman, released a 109-page bipartisan report in November in which foreign countries "seek to exploit America's openness to pursue their national interests." And "China is the most aggressive of them all." It has been found that China has used its thousands of talent programs over the past two decades to gain access to Chinese research laboratories and educational institutions to obtain proprietary information from academics. Would like to be recruited

"It's not about the Chinese people or the Chinese Americans," Ray emphasized Wednesday. "It's about the Chinese government and the Chinese Communist Party."

The FBI director says "traditional goon skin" is "a very frequent phenomenon in today's world," such as "the old goon skin vs. the goon skin debate." The Bureau focuses on "the financial goon skin, American businesses, and American jobs and American consumers" from Fortune 100 companies to startups.

An ongoing education department investigation found $ 1 billion of Benami foreign funding on campuses across the country and the school with direct contracts with the Chinese Communist Party. US colleges and universities recently reported $ 6.5 billion in undisclosed foreign funding from China and elsewhere.

Asked whether China has been taking advantage of the protests since George Floyd's death in police custody, Ray said: "Over the past few years we have been carefully examining the possibility of foreign influence or foreign intervention in all protests." This has been going on for weeks. "

Ray said the FBI investigators had a definite role in tracking the origin of the coronavirus, but gave no clear update, saying, "At this time, it has nothing to do with what the intelligence community has already said."

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