The fear of new virus cases in the Chinese capital has closed the market

Beijing shut down two markets on Friday and delayed the return of elementary school students after three new coronavirus cases emerged in the capital - two months after the city had no infection.

He is worried that he will rebound after a massive domestic coronavirus infection in China is under control.

Foreign nationals have been tested on a number of occasions in recent months when they are repatriated.

Local authorities, however, announced a new case with a recent travel history outside the capital on Thursday, followed by two more on Friday.

City officials said at a daily news conference that the latest two patients were employees of the China Meat Research Center.

One of them traveled to Qingdao, East China, in the last two weeks.

Local media said Beijing's Shinfedi meat wholesale market and Jinjen Seafood Market were closed Friday for insecticide and environmental sample collection.

Dozens of police officers stood in the two closed markets, AFP reporters said.

The coronavirus novel is believed to have been shipped from an animal to a human market at the end of last year, selling wildlife in central city Wuhan.

The Beijing Education Commission said Friday that the first, second, and third-grade students returned to school on Monday, according to the Xinhua report.

Students who have already returned to school usually take lessons, but with stricter pandemic measures, the commission said.

Beijing students have resumed slow-wave lessons since the end of April after schools were shut down for three months during the outbreak of coronavirus.

The city's last case was revealed in mid-April before a recent spike.

According to official statistics, the city had a total of 597 infections - 174 of which were imported from overseas and nine from local deaths.

Recent announcements have provoked concerns on social media.

"Beijing is out of control! Quickly, infection prevention levels improve! A second wave may come!" One user writes on the Weibo social network like Twitter.

"I live in the Fengtai district (where the latest cases live), shaking with fear ... I'm going to buy more masks. I hope it ends soon!" Said another.

Some have called for a large-scale COVID-19 test in Beijing. China has conducted similar inspection operations on millions of residents in Wuhan.

Large-scale tests have replaced 300 asymptomatic carriers in Wuhan, as officials have announced that the outbreak is inevitable.

To protect the capital, Beijing has diverted international flights through other aircraft, where passengers are disassembled and tested before continuing.

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