The man was kidnapped, tied naked to a tree; 2 accused arrested: police

The accused and the victim got to know each other, police said.

A New Hampshire man has been abducted and tied to a tree, leaving him naked, police said.

29-year-old Ariel Duposon is believed to have helped 37-year-old Ronald Buttons to kidnap the victim from his home in Manchester on Friday.

The victim said he was taken to the car, where his wallet and phone were taken, police said. He said he received Derry, N.H. He was taken to several places before being taken and ordered to take his clothes off, police said.

Police said his wrists and legs were tied to the tree and he was tied to a tree.

The victim later freed herself and called the police. Her injuries were not fatal, according to Manchester police spokeswoman Heather Hemel.

Authorities said the accused and the victim knew each other. Police said the alleged offense was not accidental, but Hemel declined to comment on its motive.

The daughters were taken into custody on Saturday on charges of kidnapping and robbery, and another case of bail violation, police said.

Dupsuway was arrested Sunday night and charged with criminal liability for kidnapping and criminal liability, police said.

The daughters will be in court Monday, police said. Duplessis was released on bail and will appear in court on July 30.

It was not immediately clear whether any of the accused were lawyers.

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